Winning war against Mini-Alliances

So tell me how exactly do you easily and readily beat an alliance that has booted all but 1 or 2 high rank members in war seasons? Particularly when there might be 3 people in the remaining 5 alliances that can even match them?

how many in your clan

if allin your clan do 10 fights its got to be better than their total attacks…8 fights this season…if they have 2 players in clan that gives them 32 fights total

…if you r weaker they cant get many sculls from you

and all your players can do their attacks


You do realize that you can only attack any individual player three times in one battle right? So with two players you have at most 6 attacks and with one only 3. Plus only the highest single battle on any one player counts for your best three which means you are only going to be counting one or two in that. So 2-4 battles gain you nothing towards victory but a few bonus skulls. So let’s look over the situation. They get to run 18+ battles each with 3 full battles for their best 3 plus tons of bonus skulls. Then figuring they are also shielded you can only get 60% of normal skulls. Then how many, giving the matching parameters are going to be at a level to even do much more than start and die given they are attacking a player 20+ levels above them? 

So 36 battles with a full boat of 3 best battles and say 15% bonus skulls for all battles against 64 battles giving you only 2 of the three best battles which are 40% below normal. That’s assuming everyone in the alliance can even obtain a matching amount of skulls attacking some one far above your alliance average (matching mechanics). So tell me how good were you at a lvl 40 attacking a lvl 66? Think you could get more than a handful of what was offered for victory given you might run 5-10% in your attack?

Heck as a lvl 40 would you even bother to attack a lvl 66 knowing you would lose big time?

Sorry but right now they are 5-1 against 3 different alliances. 

So what should I do? Boot 90% of the alliance to even the odds or watch a perversion of the game mechanics in silence? If you should have 8 players in war season I would simply like to ask why this isn’t enforced during the season. If nothing else shouldn’t they have the same 60 hour window of vulnerability that adding a player incurs? Anything that changes the membership of the guild impacts the results of the matching program whether you add players…or boot them.

But hey if you know how to easily and readily beat them then I’m all ears. But first don’t tell me I can run a full load of battles when I can’t and don’t assume I can get more than 1/3 to 2/3 of the best three when I can’t. Finally don’t assume a lvl 40 can take on a lvl 66 and get anything at all like what they got for attacking just the highest players in your alliance. Because they aren’t attacking the lvl 40 player but you’re expecting that lvl 40 to obtain enough skulls to keep your alliance from losing.