winter festival bases are very hard

what the f*** is going on with winter festival event…even though I have 3 war boosts iam not able to beat even single base then how about unboosted players…highly disappointing event for me ?

It is copies of bases of real players (random)

difficulty depends on your own trophy range. drop a few trophies to get easier bases

but how it is possible??? did you done it or what else

Alysea said it

My trophy level is down(Used to be 4200 and lowered it all the way down to 3400 last week) and the bases im getting are of players 10+ levels higher than me and the one I did beat I was only able to get 99% so got no credits for it. 

99% should still give 2 crowns, just need 13 more.

Can’t have everything easy.  :grinning:  Work HARD! EARN HARD! :sunglasses:  


All base i get are 1336  medals,  really hard ,  my question is if i lower my thropies now to 3999  will i get easier base tomorrow?  Today im on 5300 :slightly_frowning_face:

Remember that your ninja league is also there tomorrow :grinning:  Don’t know whether it affects or not but no harm in trying.

I got 99% and received no crowns still says I am at 0 of 15.

Just do it again. There are no limits


I am at 3,400 range and this daily quest give me impossible base that normally I would not try. With over 800 medals and 900k gold etc… maybe like level 110+ 

Someone can confirm if we drop very low in trophy we can get opponent who have sense or the daily was made like this? to be very hard? and only player who have forged well units,spells and have good gear can do this daily event?

I agree completely warriornator. 9 times I couldn’t even get one star they were so hard. 


Tbh, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to beat your enemies. Our Hero stats are very similar (leadership, health, attack).

I also only got 1000+ Medal bases and I still managed them. Yes it was difficult, but not undoable.


This event should be for all players in this game. At this moment if Flaregames don’t want to fix this. The solution we have found is to lower the trophies

If the only solution to allow us to participate in this event and win good gears and huge epic equipment with candy canes,etc is to cheat we have no choice to cheat the system

This event should be create to allow everyone in this game to win huge epic rewards and improve equipment and stuffs

its Christmas and holiday? Where is the spirit of the holiday in this game if only Pay to win player can participate or a few players?

This event must be equal for everyone

Flaregames should stop acting like egoist compagnie with P2W feature. We are in December its Christmas,its holiday,its the time we have fun,help each others,we share love,etc…To be honest I don’t think Flaregames have a heart and don’t really know what : spirit of the holiday mean. The only think they think same in December its make money and only make money and that its the sad part

I am not surprise if in the real life Flaregames team don’t help people in need and give stuffs in the guignole and money,etc…

that is my opinion. People have their opinion on that  



Not all of them are hard, I had a base with only knights, barricades, and one lightning tower  :wink:

You are lucky maybe depend of you level? the majority in my alliance team found impossible base full boosted. Its not fair and this event don’t respect the spirit of holiday. For me this event should be fair for everyone not just for few players who are lucky with system to find unboosted base and easy base. I have try like 20 base since this event and I beat maybe 3 of them. I keep searching…but for me the game give me maybe 20 level higher than me. That look like 20 level higher than me I am not sure because I fail at 10% no crown

impossible… Max until now that I reach was 2 thophy only one time…


Are we really sure there is no limit to the amount of battles one can play daily or during the whole festival? A word about that from Flare would be greatly appreciated!