Winter Festival

So the Festival just started.

The first question that comes to my mind is the P2W aspect.

You could skip the daily battle entirely to get the equipment, by buying the festival chests.

The Festival last 32 Days, so it is actually possible to get 31 Chests for free. The question now is, is it possible to gain all Items without paying for extra festival chests?

As the candy canes are generated with random numbers.


Another thing.

Are those levels just some randomly picked Player bases renamed?


EDIT: My first chest had 365 candy canes


And are the trophy based? They are pretty hard…

I am not entirely sure. They were beatable for me.

Tbh, I think they are a little easier than “normal” player bases that have those medal gains. But then again ther eare some bases that give many medals and are weak.

So it’s still a mystery though

Alysea said they are trophy based:

I see ingame you are 14 levels higher than me and have less trophies, that might explain a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnot got any candys for my first base anybody else who didnot get candys rven after three crowns .

and i want to know will the items listed will change daily or will remain same till end of season ?

The items change.

And you’ll need 15 crowns to unlock the daily chest which will provide canes.

and why the festival bases keeps on changing each time i re login ?

and i am lvl 75 player and i am facing 800 medals base how am i supposed to beat that ?(base has lot of boosts)

I have the same problem. I think dropping trophies seems like the only solution to have easier bases (I guess the reward gold will drop too then).

Mine had 1000+ Medals and I could still beat themand only the semi open base that I got had 800 medals.

Just attack and try it. I think that there is no limit for attacks.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

So in fact when I come home tonight, I will be fortunate after opening my base completely yesterday evening? Let’s hope my trophies dropped a lot, then it’s a walk in the park.

You currently have 3261 trophies :wink:

I too contributed 23 on the downfall :wink:  

Please raid me too :wink: :wink: :wink:

Already made a mess by gaining them, lol no more.

i think i should buy gems to defeat teh fist base in winter festival… the first base itself is too tough fr me <_<

any suggestions? :unsure:

After certain time or either after  logging off the base should change, I found easier bases that way. You can also drop some trophies.

You also have multiple tries to get those 15 crowns, if you lose nothing bad will happen.

What a shitty event… absolutely too hard. 

No gems, trials are not limited. So no need to waste them. They are tough but rewards are worth it. They are just random-picked bases from real lol.

dont spend gems you can play as many battles as you can . Even if you get one crown it will be counted . You can play 15 times and get 15 crowns