Winter Skins Deselecting after a day or so

-Device of the affected player: Desktop PC

-Operating system of the affected player: Windows 10

-Steps to reproduce the problem: Checkmark the winter skins on the pals. Then wait a day or so, and they will be unselected.

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?): I have noticed it occur 3 times since the update that gave us the winter skins

-For how long has the bug been occurring?: Since the skin update.

Hi BobotheMighty,

The winter skins made it into the version unexpectedly early :wink: , we initially wanted to publish them later. But hey, "Winter is coming":snowman: , so we decided to leave them in game.

The bug that you talk about has been fixed with a Live Server Update last week,  and should not happen anymore. If you still encounter a problem with this, please leave a comment down below. Thank you.