Wintery Skins back

Would you like to have Winter Skins back? So that those who missed this opportunity have a new chance.
I love these skins, but I did not play when had the promotion, I would like to have participated, I’m anxious so that one day she comes back and I have the chance to buy.

I have the winter skin for all pals already and i agree that there should be the chance to get it again for those who missed opportunity , but maybe they should add for all seasons!

Yes need it,

And every other pro items , which r good

From what I remember it was a collection for some organization and skins and 500 gems was a free gift. So you will not get it that way.

Yes, it was a winter charity event with War Child UK to support needy children, I saw on Facebook, happened while I was not playing, so some time later when I started playing, I saw those skins and did not think it myself, That’s when I looked. That’s why the topic, I know the opportunity has passed, I would like to have another, then the vote ?

Forgive my English.

Yeah, like Opelle suggested, a new skin look should come with each season. I think it’d get some buys, in my opinion