[WIP] General Newb Guide: Managing an Alliance

This guide is for those special players interested in starting & managing an alliance for the benefit of other players. Considering that an OR alliance is quite like a business organization, this guide aims to orient the young Founder on the management fundamentals of Human Resources, Operations, Marketing & Finance. 

OK, so you have an entrepreneurial spirit that likes to take big responsibilities & risks that come with founding an alliance. Thank you, it’s good for other players & the game in general. But, it’s not a walk in the park—taking responsibility for another player’s growth is no child’s play. If you’re only interested in gaining some Divine Blessings but not inclined to taking care of other players, better stick to being a regular member in an existing alliance, not become a Founder of your own. ?


(1.1) Alliance Requirements

(1.2) Alliance Emblem

(1.3) Membership Slots

  • You have a better understanding of game mechanics, so you can guide your junior members. 
  • You hopefully have a higher Trophy count, so you can offer higher Gold bonus to attract members. 
  • You have sufficient Gold balance to donate to the Treasury for awarding Divine Blessings. 

Generally, aim for at least a +20% Gold bonus at the start of the alliance quickly work your way upwards. The more the Gold bonus, the faster your seats will get filled. Also, more the Blessings, more attractive is your alliance.  Most importantly, never grow too fast in alliance level. This is the single most important cause of alliance deaths. Control your alliance level tightly because every level up results in an exponential rise in Blessings cost. If your daily Blessings cost exceeds your daily Gold donation flow, you will lose the Blessings end up losing members soon. The strategy is to always fill all available seats first with strong members, establish a strong donation flow, and then increase the seat number (see Section 5).  Last, but not the least, never abandon your alliance. Be honorable—live die with the alliance like noble ship captains who died in their sinking ships (after helping their crew escape to safety). Hopefully, this thought will drive you to keep your alliance afloat at all costs. 


Though there is a dedicated “Look for Alliance Members” subforum where you can advertise for new members, you would be in better control of the process if you actively take charge of it. This is done in 2 ways. 

(2.1) From PvP Map …image… On your regular invasion map, players around your Ascension level continuously appear for being invaded. Here, look for players without alliances (i.e., the “non-allied players”), and then send an invite to them. As these are relatively high-level players, they may not join a baby alliance with limited Gold bonus Blessings. But, it doesn’t hurt to try. Just don’t give up when rejected; it’s all part of a Founder’s job. A disciplined Founder will also keep a record of who has already been invited, so s/he doesn’t invite that player again. 

(2.2) From Hall of Gods …image… This is a more fertile hunting ground, where you can locate tens (if not hundreds) of non-allied players. Here, you can cherrypick your invitees as per their Trophy count. For a new alliance, new players with fewer Trophies may be an easier catch than seniors. Before inviting, check their IGNs to deduce if the player knows your alliance’s chat language. For example, if your alliance language is Japanese, look for kana, kanji rōmaji characters in the IGN. A communicative member is always better for the long-term health of your alliance than a silent one. 


(3.1) Orienting New Entrants As each new member joins your new alliance, welcome him/ her with a warm message on the general chat, and make this a practice among all existing members. This serves 3 purposes:

  • Existing members get to know of the new arrival. 
  • The new member feels comfortable starts settling down. 
  • If the new member acknowledges the welcome, existing members get to know that the new member can speak their common language, and soon start communicating freely with the newb. 

Thank you for taking the time to make this! ?

Lots of work and dedication. Keep it up. ?