Wisdom costs for Research

Not sure if you guys are fixing this for the next Conquest, but each research costs around 50k wisdom and that takes an alliance about 3 days to generate. So we research a total of 5 things by the time Conquest ends? Not sure what the point of that is. When considering Research wisdom costs you need to look at the wisdom generators on the map and the amount alliances can reasonably generate every day. I’m not sure who decided these wisdom costs, but even at a simple glance you can see it’s very wrong.

Problem is that research is much faster and indeed, after a few researches wisdom is not available any longer. 

Main problem is conquest donation. After donation, it takes 2 full days to donate again. Why not reduce that time somewhat, when you have higher conquest buildings. Now we start to research, a couple of players donate and they need to wait 2 days before being able to donate again. 

Next conquest will not last 8 days, but just 5 days. I sincerely hope donation will be adapted accordingly. Now we can do 4 donations during conquest, then just 2 or 3. So I expect that donation cooldown time also will decrease accordingly. 

No, the problem is the cost of the research. It’s overpriced by a factor of 4 at least.

makes sense. implement immediately.


Hi, Good Morning.

We will adapt the cooldown of the production buildings. If we still have the feeling that wisdom costs are too high, we can look into it, but so far it was not planned to reduce them further.

Its really too costLy

 we have like 40 with all level 10 buildings

we had 160000 i. Treasury  and 160000 was donated immidiatly after we used the treasury


its not normal to push us to buy resources, i dnt like it.

Nothing interesting in it

Sure, feedback is appreciated. I can forward it to the devs.

Yes, we should be able to normally complete at least one path to the end by the end of Conquest.

And then the alliances that want to do extra donating, etc, to get more wisdom can still do even more researches and do the other branches of research.

There are like 40 research options and by the end of the war we will only have been able to do 5-6…even though we are a top alliance!

Not only wisdom, but stone costs seem too high as well

It’s not even half the event yet and both storages have been used, refilled and are almost empty again. We won’t have resources unless we directly pay for them.

Not to mention, only alliances with stone deposit lvl 9 or max can build a lvl 3 watchtower, needed for that special on the center of current map.

And there is also the gold cost for research. There is over 100M gold in total researches on Tech Tree for a tier that gives 75M alliance gold reward
[edit] And it takes 20M gold to complete only one path of the Tech Tree

Cooldowns seem ok. The bottleneck is really the cost. Wisdom costs are really really high.


I would prefer if it were the other way around: lower wisdom costs, but cooldowns being the limiting factor. That way the strategy would be more relevant than the size of the wallet.

Wisdom  was too expensive.  Agree with others

I think it was an overreaction to the first war when wisdom costs were too low.

The players wisdom tower should be able to donate about 3x as much per level, it would probably feel more balanced then, the problem is the 1440 (level 8 tower) was in place when max wisdom was 75k, so kind of matched, now max wisdom is 160k, the costs per item has been decreased, but the donation rate is still the same.

Each item costs on average about 45k, this requires at least 30 people to do a full donation, so it basically becomes one research item per day (given 2 days to fill up), and they’re only worth researching in the first 6 days (last days it’s too late for them to make a difference), so you’re really talking about 10 items being researched and that being it.

If someone wants to gem to fill it faster (~300 gems to fill), it would cost 9000 gems for each research item (this is also 100,000,000 gold to alliance treasury, which is a lot more valuable than one tech tree item that doesn’t exist after conquest.

Wisdom costs seem high to me too. I realize Flare wants incentive to spend gems but costs are so high it is not worth it, imo.

It is advantageous as a strategy to hurry up wisdom and stone  for research and to gem .

Alliances who do not want to fight boldly start negotiations to bully.

And there is an alliance that is dissatisfied with the conquest.

If flare wants to earn it is anonymous match

Minimum necessary action



I seriously thought about making a topic about this issue and it seems someone else did it before me. I totally agree with this.

The wisdom cost per technology is insanely high, Flare told us they’d give us a bigger tech tree, and that sounded really interesting, I was looking forward to exploring that tree, but we ended up disappointed because we were only able to research 5 technologies in the end, 40k wisdom can take up to 2 days to get :slightly_frowning_face:  

Yup. We are level 5 stronghold that can hold 60000 wisdom. We are in a tier 3 Conquest. We’ve had a finished tower claiming 1 academy since early the second day. We will get a total of 8 research items. Perhaps enough for a 9th at the end which we probably won’t bother with.

Sure, we are average so donations probably get missed and individual levels of buildings isn’t very high (maybe LVL 4 average?) and we didn’t click the academy during the night.

But to only get 8 research items finished seems poor. They could knock the price in half probably. But maybe others have done far more?

This really needs to be looked at once Conquests go down to 5 days. Price could probably be a third of current prices.

Also, academies, mines and villages should pump up their output (number and/or frequency) to play a part other than just being worth 20 points.

I agree - while different alliances will have different capacities  -  the cost does seem high unless you are lucky enough to find a library or 12. 


Hi there,

we will have a look at the costs again. :slight_smile:

I will give more details once I can.


The wisdom costs are still scary (top conquest tier). Would be nice to be able to finish one branch of research by the end of Conquest with normal donations. 2nd branch could be funded by extra donations…