With the new Balance changes, we REALLY need a regular weekly event like before

I’m referring to those events that make you attack fake, made-up bases based on actual player bases in exchange for a random, made-up currency that you gather in order to spend in this event-only shop, for example like we had the event with Grandma items, or the one where you could buy the Tennis Racket as a weapon etc. - those events that offer a full set of gear + a Pal for purchase. These events offered good gold rewards.

The last update has been so damn long ago that nearly everyone has maxed out their structures and everything, so now we’re left with 21 Towers to upgrade, all costing 15m, 16 obstacles, all costing like 12 mil and so on. With the defense being stronger than offense at this point, such an event is expected to appear in the next week, otherwise I would be seriously surprised that it isn’t there.

You did not compensate us for the 2 month AD fiasco, you shat on us by limiting the ADs with a cooldown pulled out of your asses, you still haven’t explained any of that, and you’ve dumped an EXTREMELY POORLY WRITTEN balancing patch notes on us on top of that.

Stunning Ogre Raging Wolf  reduced power in offense:

I’m sorry but what the actual fuck does that mean? What changed exactly? Did you reduce the Wolf’s health? If so, by how much EXACTLY? Does it let out the Howl Aura less often now? If so, by HOW MUCH.

It is unfathomable to me that there still exist developers and publishers incapable of hiring competent community managers that would be able to compile and publish DETAILED patch notes with properly written grammar. This is laughable and shameful, but you don’t laugh with us, nor do you feel ashamed, and that ladies and gents is the sad story of Flare Games as a company.

You’ve made A LOT of gameplay balance changes this patch and can’t even publish them in a detailed manner?

Barricade Blockade  increased resistance to  Bladestorm :

  • We noticed that Barricade & Blockade became useless against Bladestorm. A lot of players did not used them anymore. That’s why we added some Bladestorm resistance to them.

Again, seems I have to keep on asking you like some damn toddlers - HOW was the Barricade and Blockade resistance against Bladestorm increased exactly? Their resistances still show Poison and Piercing IN THE GAME itself, none of which is what Bladestorm does, which is mainly Normal damage with a sprinkling of Blunt damage on top. HOW have they been made more resilient against Bladestorm if your own game FAILS to display these changes AT ALL?

I’m so annoyed with the way you’re handling your own game in the most basic terms, such as patch notes and their reliance compared in the game itself, that it makes me want to puke.

This is not acceptable and beyond incompetent. But who am I kidding, I was waiting 2+ months for you to add the missing tooltip on the Monk unit, healing range, which randomly disappeared from the unit’s description at one point. I am not surprised, however my disappointment has only increased so far.

…festivals, right? I agree, we need these back in the game, it’ll help with getting gold

Yeah, festivals, thanks - the name was slipping my mind when writing this post.

I know how that is  

Totally agree. I don’t care enough to raid normal bases thanks to shitty rewards but the festivals we’re really useful for getting gold and quite challenging. Aka actually worthwhile to do. Another +1 for detailed patch notes. Those ones you quoted were real facepalm moments. 

why not give everyone full gold chamber every hour?!?

or max all towers immediately?


guys you learn to be patient or you i vest lots of money here, rome wasn’t built in a day as well…

but it was founded in day. I agree that we need to be patient, but with the changes we do need some events to help us out a bit

Hmm I have 11 Upgrades for 15m each up after just casually playing 3 days dont know what the gold problem is 

isnt the answer for those on the live server update post?

  • Stunning Ogre Elite Boost in offense:
    • Reduced resistances to Piercing damage, Arblasters, Arrow Tower, Castle Gate, Firebolt Tower and Gargoyle
    • Slightly reduced Stun radius
  • Raging Wolf Elite Boost in offense:
    • Slightly reduced Howl range and duration on all levels


Yeah, I saw this as well, but in my opinion the Raging Wolf and the Stunning Ogre’s were not OP in any way. Sure, they were better than other troops when boosted, but, I’ll say this again, isn’t that the whole point of upgrading your alliance, you know, to get better boosts? These boosts SHOULD be stronger than others, cause they take more work to get to, same goes for the Boosted Necro and Boosted Viking. They are really good boosts, and they should be!