Won to check this Aliance they cheat

look i play this game two year and participate in ewery war with my aliance till now i newer see that aliance with 15weak member put such a huge Victory Point ?? Seen that everyone off them hawe 3 hero this is impossible i mean on ewery our atack they fight back by tripl so i em sure that this Aliance play on some hack program Maybu im wrong but i will like to check this out , i will post now pictyre off this aliance 

look this aliance and they hawe till now in this war almost 300,000 VP and war isn’t ower yet , i really think that something sucks here 

Last war someone in my alliance was getting oodles of extra fury, it just refreshing. Maybe that’s happening here.

If they attacking you check your team high lvl member’s defences, maybe some very easy defences of high lvls giving insane points to that ally… 

With 34 attackets we currently made 800k points. It looks, 18 addicted player can make 300k…If 10 of them (3 hero, lvl 20) made personel 30k wp so they can do it… 

i don’t understud quite well that for extra fury ?? And i hawe that filing that they hawe infinite fury ?

They don’t have infinite fury, but they might be facing an alliance with easy high level defenses and they have a very active team.

But there is some kind of a fury bug out there 

yeah 300k VPs between what appears to be 14 active members is only around 21k VP average per player.  21k is quite a low score even with 2 not fully lvl’d up heros, especially as some have said your high lvls might have easy bases.  Nothing strange going on…

ok thanks for explanation 


Hey Flare,

Adlerhorst3 is currently cheating. They have only 5 members in their alliance for the war. Please disqualify them.

Did they have 8 at the start of war?