Woohoo! Back in business, baby!

After long last, I logged in today and tried like I had so many times the last month, to activate the video boosts.  Good thing I was sitting down, because they actually WORKED! ? 

I tested it for farms, taverns, blacksmith, and even boosting already in-progress builds, and they all seem to work!  I just hope this isn’t one of those “tests” that they’ve been doing and I just got my hopes up for nothing.  If it really is fixed, thank you @GalaMorgane, flare, and vungle for finally getting it done.  you’ve made my team and myself very happy! ???

Just in time for the war season, too!  Now to fix the drywall where I was bashing my head against the wall every time it didn’t work… ?


Why do you think it took so long for Vungle to get their ads fixed? (please keep it lighthearted, this is meant to be a fun post)

I think it was those two knuckleheads in the SW corner of the map trying to get their chicken out from behind the big rock.  They obviously didn’t call Ye Royal Utility Company before digging and snagged a fiber optic cable. ?


Ads yes, rewards no. Nothing is fixed. I continue to wait for the fix…

huh, interesting.  I just went back and double checked. it all worked for me now. rewards included.  did you try closing the game and reopening it, or refreshing it somehow?  maybe the “fix” is applied to one area at a time and maybe they just have not gotten to your area yet?


its work for me too. win 8.1

So you are saying that after announcing that they will not be solved it until path 4.0 five hours ago, they are actually fixed now ??? Flare is amazing

There are so many threads complaining about them not working, that I missed gala’s post.  After reading it, it would seem as they’re saying they’ll reactivate the ads, but can’t guarantee the content. so for those who have concerns about their children possibly seeing something they shouldn’t, be warned they could possibly still see those until Vungle gets their act together.  I’ve never had anything like that pop up, so I’m using them like normal again, and they are working for me 100% again on Windows 10.



the video ads work but its useless because no rewards. Flare said it its not fixed and not before 4.0. So i don’t understand how some can have it? Not fair.

@GalaMorgane please when you disable ads then do it for everyone. this situation will cause anger,frustration and whatever on the forum. Please disactivate video ads for everyone : Android,IOS,Windows Phone,Windows PC,etc…

Videos give rewards only outside EU, ■■■■■■ GDPR.

my apologies to those who still don’t get the rewards.  I wasn’t gloating, I honestly thought they finally fixed it. ? 



Hello there, 

This incident has nothing to do with the inappropriate ads. This are 2 separate issues. We already fixed the not so safe ads. You shouldn’t see them anymore. 

We re-activated the ads. For some it may works and they might get their rewards/boosts. For some it might not. 

But as mentioned, we are still working on it and Vungle too. 

Many thanks,