Worker bug and freeze screen Bug

hello team and hello all guys
game have 4 bug after new update:
1.2 worker all time in left corner hard try for find gold!! :wink: I send pic about this
2.when you go to dungeon show  ( I ) bottom on gems
3. 2 workers all time under basilisk tower 
4. game got sreen freeze on all windows version. laptop , Pc and mobile windows ( during game not only attack )
and other team.
thx team. Take care

Screenshot (71).png

Screenshot (79).png

@mostafaxxx Please read this topic:






Some of the issues have been reported already indeed as it was kindly prompted by RoyaleDing2.

Thank you, it is very kind of you to compile the list. Appeciated. 

I like the diligent workers trying to free that lost chicken on the lower left side very much. Wish there would be more such easter-eggs.