Worker stuck! And barricade downgraded

Hi! I used two of my workers to build decoration (olympians obelisk) since i dont have any defense towers or barricades to upgrade at the moment.  Im waiting to fill my coins to the max before i upgrade my chamber of gold.  But when i came to collect the workers, i cant seem to get the other worker free coz its pointing out to olympus portal (the gate from where the enemy attack).  Also, one of my barricade which is supposed to be fully upgraded at level 14, downgraded to level 13 so I again used my coins to upgrade it (I was saving my coins ??).

Can you pls look into it? This is happening in my ?FireWind? account.  I attached photos for you to check.


Here’s screenshot of where the pointer goes after i claim the upgrade for Olympus obelisk… its going to Olympus Portal.

And here’s screenshot of the barricade which was downgraded to level 13 ???


I was able to get my worker from being stuck doing the Column of Glory.  What I did is, i went to the decorations options, and i click on the same Column of Glory and i managed to “free” the item from being boxed.  Finally!!! 

The only concern now is if any of you guys can check on why my barricade got downgraded to level 13.  It would be very great to get an update as i pay coins again to upgrade it… plus the time it took again to re-upgrade it. Pls @CaptainMorgan … hope i can have a clear understanding how it happened.  Thank you!!!

Hey MoonlightWolf,

I’m glad that you were able to resolve your decoration problem. I suppose you are using different defense layouts from time to time? Was the decoration placed in your defense?

I also had a look at your account. All your Barricades are currently level 14. You upgraded each of them exactly once (from level 13 to 14). This means there was no accidental downgrade, otherwise I would be able to see that you upgraded one of them twice. I guess you just forgot one of them.

I have the same prblm…pls help me!

Go to your decoration menu and collect it from there. This is a known bug and I have responded with Captains Morgan instructions in at least one english topic regarding this already… Please, search forums instead of simply posting, repeating same kind of info is not optimal :slight_smile: .


P.S. This solution is what I am talking about


Tks… :slight_smile: