workers (cost)

Basically I know that the 1st worker is 500 gems and the second is a 1000 gems. But how does it increase, does it double everytime? what are the costs? 


First 500 gems.

Second 1000 gems.

Third 1500 gems

fourth 2000 gems

n ------> 500n gems

So it’s better take the workers package as soon as possible, if you’re are lucky and you have enough gems !

thanks for the info. Also good luck to anyone on windows (pc). you’re gonna need it.

If you have enough gems you won’t get the offer.  (You could try to sit with too few gems, but the a bunch of achievements ready to cash in, or the 500 and 1000 gem dungeon chambers ready to raid)

why doesn’t the worker package appear for me when i have sufficient gems?

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how did account restoration get into this? is this a bug?

How many gems does the worker package cost ???

lol long day?

I have 9 workers, any way i will have workers package??

Its 6000 gems to buy one worker now, crazy


why would you need so many workers?

To upgrade many things at once fast? Mine are all busy and I could use a couple more right now.

i have 7 workers, 5 for buildings and 2 for dungeon. 

9 is not too much,only problam i get gold digger pack and spell pack

for more and more worker, please don’t update tresure chamber yourself. let no more as 500 gems in your basis and wait for your king level up. then there’ll an pack for update the chamber+max gold+worker(sometime) now you need spend 5€ more then you get it^^. if you have max level tresure and had buy the workerpack >> no more cheap worker.

Tresure is at max lvl with, i dont care to buy pack with real money, but no pack with worker come at last 4 mounth

I always got workers package plus gold , probably coz I have only 7 workers.Latest one was 90% off (1worker , 11m gold) for 500 gems ! I only have about 5 gems at that time though

good tip by ductd831 regarding the purchase of workers via the special packages. that by far is the cheapest way to get another worker.


i have no idea about the optimal # of workers but i have 10 and the only ones working at the moment are the ones in the dungeon digging a deeper hole.