Workers Garrison Farms and Taverns

Since I only have 5 workers, I almost never have any of them bastards idle, they aint union.


But for players who get a solid workforce and then have nothing for them to do, I think we should impliment a system where workers can ‘garrison’ the taverns and farms. For example, you can ‘put’ idle workers in your farm or tavern, and while in there they increase productivity of that building. Max 2 or three workers per. There is no cooldown to put them in or take them out.


Example: Tavern 1 produces 1000 gold an hour. For every worker garrisoned, this value increases by 200. Tavern 1: with 3/3 workers in it will produce 1600 gold an hour.


Similar deal with food for farms, although cant make it too high or it will obviously favor the p2p players who drop $$$ for mass workers. Minor balancing will be required, but I think it will be much easier to balance this system for all levels of players than some of the ideas suggested here


Whatchya think?

I dislike the idea to be honest… not only can players with more workers gain more advantage from such a feature per se (which might be ok), but by increasing their bread output drastically using this, they can actually get gold, medals and thus also gems from tournaments much more easily (as they can just attack a lot more often than others), hence they’ll be able to buy even more workers… meanwhile those without many workers are left behind and can’t even compete in tournaments, thus won’t be able to afford new workers or items.

I don’t entirely agree on this, and lets just admit that flaregames won’t really think about this, also there is a topic about improvement suggestions you can post about thoughts like this and not create a whole new topic. :grinning:

Well it’s okay to open a new topic if you want to discuss a longer and more complex suggestions in more detail.

Also please note this topic includes a poll, which wouldn’t be possible in the suggestion collection topic.