If I hire a worker for 500 gems is that worker slot a one time use or is that slot available all the time?


Once you hired a worker, he will remain at your service forever. :grinning:

Awesome, thank you!

I have 4 workers and it seems I cant find the buy workers place anymore. Is that the limit? 

yeah for now you can only have 4 workers at maximum

If I spend 500 gems and get a worker will he stay till the end or only for one upgrade? I mean can I keep upgrading 2 buildings only once or for lifetime?

You keep them at your service forever. Unless you desert Mount Olympus they will keep on working for you. ?

why max worker is 4? not like a Royal Revolt 2

Hey mahendr,

The maximum number of workers in RR2 was not a factor in deciding the maximum number in OR, since they are very different games, especially in terms of pacing and long-term strategy.

The maximum of 4 was arrived at through balancing and playtesting, and is uniquely suited to Olympus Rising.

Hope this answers your question!

Hey I HV spent gems for buying three workers …and now my Olympus has upgraded max out  so it seems after sometime all building is going to max out so none use of my workers so at is going in the game …the game is over with upgrades and new scenereo …I wanna know …and can we just not sell the workers for getting some gems back that help in game …after that worker is useless …I HV three worker ? Is anything new upgrades coming if yes then when the real time of coming soon please …I wanna know so I can go with the game or quit ?


Make something new to make more interesting new islands new enemies new heroes and powers stuff upgrades so game can proceed otherwise we HV to leave game after certain time ?

Hey i s there anybody fr reply 



Take a look at our last update, unlocking more islands areas and featuring a new Hero!


Yeah I HV seen thnq I mean it is too fast …I was accepted new warrior fire power I mean we need that no one is here having power fire on slot …and gods third brother possiden must be there ?? It is third brother of hades and Zeus why he is not in game


can someone explain to me what does the worker do? on the ascension level there thousands of workers…you spend 500 gems to buy one more? or it is something more than this?

Hi HolyWrath,

You can get 4 workers max.

The following is the detailed answer:


@HolyWrath As Tomaxo mentioned, you can have a maximum of 4 Workers. It’s possible you are mixing them up with Worshippers, which you gain to increase your Ascension Level.

Workers decide how many buildings you can work on at any one time; when you have one Worker, you can only upgrade a single building at once, with two you can upgrade two buildings at the same time, etc.

I think workers are divine in OR. Such big buildings for one-man job. 

I’m currently renovating my kitchen. They’re two workers. One is cutting the ceramic and the other one is fitting the tiles on the floor.

As a suggestion, can we combine workers in the future? Let’s say a building takes 3 days to upgrade. With 2 workers, it could be 2 days 23 hours. With 3 workers, it could be 2 days 22 hours, and so on. Sometimes I want to focus on a particular building and not many at the same time.

What do you think?

i currently haven’t bought any workers and i can upgrade only one building…if i buy one worker i will be able to build to building at the same time?

Yes, you can upgrade one building per worker.

As @CaptainMorgan said, if you have 2 workers, you can upgrade 2 buildings simultaneously, 3 workers = 3 buildings, etc.