workshop/alchemy lab

so this idea I started in a different thread and apparently I cant c/p the link

 but ya **IF** they are gonna add another building inside the castle


I think it should somehow include crafting/recipes

make consumables for your king



the only issue I see with this is they prob did the blue/red to avoid confusion (but I think your little radar at the top is enough to avoid confusion!)



Here is the link, Kenster:

Why? Is there a problem with the balance of the game? Do you know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?



Personally, I couldn’t care less about the color of my army. Although you can have a green army (made out of little green Android-bots; only available on Android, of course).


But would the color of your units apply when they are on offense? Or is red reserved for enemy units? And would the top bar, the units’ positions, change color also?

no the top bar shouldn’t change that would be confusing.

but yes your defenders and offenders should both get the colors

pretty sure that android thing only works with knights

and I can strongly agree with that saying as well but if u read my first line this isn’t something I think they NEED to add

just wanna give my opinion on an idea of next building if they make one


and ty for the link :wink:

But then the colors of the units wouldn’t match the color of top bar. That would be confusing.


But then how do you know whose units are whose?


Yup, only for knights…


OK… IMHO, I think they should add the alliance wars tower (I assume it needs a tower/statue/something?) before anything else (and let you use the arrow keys to move the king around on-screen!)


I don’t understand this term. ive seen it a couple times now.  can someone try to explain to me how an “alliance war” works (pm plz) I could probably agree with you here if I knew wut u meant


and I don’t see anything confusing with the bar… blue is your guys. red are enemies… even if your units are different color in game, in lots of types of radar in other games your only informed with ally or enemy colors not matching the in game color


if they changed the bar to match your in game color it would be immensely confusing when facing defenders same color as your offenders


and by using the radar you should easily be able to tell whos troops are whos


but keyboard movement on PC would be super awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

can a mod come close this when u read it. im gonna have to agree with MisterE here


I would rather this alliance wars idea over my recipe/crafting idea so we should just close this

and I cant see any way around helping players confused with units being same color so ill just have to drop it :stuck_out_tongue:


loved the opinions tho MisterE :slight_smile:

I like and encourage the idea of your own colored units because one it can either mask or make it easier to see what level troops the opponent has indicated by the darkness of the Unit. And two because Flare already has the coding for it from Royal Revolt 1; I liked the different color troops as you battled your Aunts and Uncles in the game. It would be a nice simple change and just another customization for the King.

@ master diaz


but what do you do when you attack someone using same colors on their defenders as your offenders? I could probably be fine with using the radar bar at top but I don’t think everyone would be comfortable with this

this is where MisterE stumped me :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting idea for darkening units. I kinda like it.


But Flare does not actually have coding for this in RR1. The troops would change shape how upgraded they were, not color. The coding for this is already in RR2 with the towers. The different color troops; there were only 4-5 color changes for units in RR1. Red in panda missions, purple in dungeons, brown in uncles & aunts, blue for you, etc. There are more, I think, but I have forgotten.