World Chat

I think make a glory (world) Chat its Nice for Communications and for invite Other Members to our Allianz !! :slight_smile:

i never really like it, it probably

will be arranged in regions,

so it wont be a world chat but a

region chat, what’s the point with

talking with anonymous people


Its social and a great way of staying in shape!

I like :slight_smile:

I would like a world chat with macaques,lol


le mieux serait un chat monde, un chat de son pays, et le chat clan, bien plus pratique pour les recrutements. Mais, qui dit chat général, dit aussi modérateurs pour éviter les dérives .  

Yeah we need this world chat and also a live forum chat.

if the game will not lag


A live forum chat will be good if theres a trivia event first answer will get the reward.