IT’S A WORLD WAR .Yeah you heard right. I was reading 'bout world wars then I got struck with this idea.

A alliance clashed with another really badly. They created a mega alliance for defense. Both of these requested you to join to their mega alliance ( Not necessarily 2 mega alliance maybe 3,4 at a time). Each mega alliances have different names and different offerings. Like the first offered you gold protection and free scrolls in battle, second offered you pro boosts until the end of the war ( There will be more offers and these offers will be available only in these world wars not in a ordinary battle nor in official battles). Players select which offer they want. If you sign to a mega alliance then there is no turning back. When you press go to war the game will automatically find 5 opponents for you in the opposite mega alliance. These opponents will be the same level as you. Click again go to war. and you will be in the battlefield, with two other kings. Yes this is group raid. But the special 'bout this war is that you have to beat the defense of your 5 opponents continously. Means that when you disarm your first opponent you will find yourself at the base of your second opponent. The king will not update his conditions when moved to the next base. Means when your king have half health and slowdown in the first base then king will start the next base with half health and slowdown. You can’t also change the troops spells and scrolls in the next battle. Troops will not follow you in the next battle.You have to make your army again. But when you finish the previous base with recharging spells and scrolls the spells will be still recharging in the next battle. NO RESSURING

                                              Now moving to the rewards. You’ll get amazing rewards when your mega alliance win. You’ll also get rewards according to your perfomance. If you survived your first opponent then 1 point. If you survived your second opponent then 3 points. 3rd=5, 4th=9, 5th=15 points. You’ll find more prizes when you have more points.    

Hope you like my idea, Thank you.


Interesting idea, would require a major overhaul to implement though. I had the idea of having alliances form federations (alliance of alliances), and the federations would be able to declare war/neutrality/allies with other federations. This seems somewhat similar, though on a larger scale.

Very interesting idea, but as QA said this would require a ton of time to add in. Also, this sounds like someone who’s been reading on modern history