Worst CoF Rewards

I expect CoF rewards to be -

1st chest - A normal to enchanted reward

2nd chest - 3x better than the 1st chest in terms of currency like gold, pearls, etc. Rare & Epic Items

3rd chest - 5x better than the 2nd chest (15x better than 1st) for currency. Legendary & Uber Items (A new addition)

Also a minimum of 10 pearls from the first chest. 1 Pearl is a joke which isn’t worth laughing at. Also the 3rd chest should have 70-80 vouchers as reward, not just 20-25.

As far as items are concerned, the CoF is haywire.

1st Reward - 56 Bread

2nd Reward - 114,876 Gold

3rd Reward - A normal sword just worth 27,132.

Please revise the CoF rewards as suggested.

Rewards in CoF depend on the character level, higher you are better and higher rewards (in case of gold) you’ll find inside chests.

I am level 79.

Gold Rewards are absolutely fine in CoF, its the Pearls, Vouchers & Items which are goofed up. I certainly do not expect to see an item just worth 27,132 from the third chest.

If it is a normal sword (gray background) it’s more than normal because i find me too those items with same value.

Yes, it was the grey background.

That normal, shouldn’t be normal for the 3rd chest.

It happened also to me many times to find gray item in 3rd chest.

Cant help it get used to it?

Well the point is valid, don’t we expect a better 3rd chest .  I have also got 27 vouchers or a dumb low quality item.   But at times I get 70 to 90 pearls.     So in short it is very inconsistent.   But got used to it.


Something better then nothing.