Would any alliance be interested in a deal?

With how enormously monsters scale up with each level, finishing one dungeon can give any player a significant foothold in their level, making it easier to obtain gold, making it easy to progress even further. In other words, gaining Monster Levels is a permanent boost in a player’s progress, yet one that only requires temporary strength.

So, here’s the idea. Some players need a temporary boost, for the permanent leg-up, in order to move them more-quickly along the progression line. And the best way to get a good boost, is with elite boosts! That’s why I was wondering something about the top alliances… Would any of the top alliances, with the top boosts, be interested in “renting” a spot out to a player, for maybe 500k gold/12hr, so that they can take advantage of the top boosts in order to beat certain dungeons? If so, I think it’d be very easy to monopolize this, making it very beneficial for everyone involved.

most top alliances don’t like players bouncing around. the only exception of course being gold sharing

Yes, and especially during war seasons is even more impossible that they accept low players ^^

True. But during the intermission, they could easily lease out space for short amounts of time. Obviously it’s up to them, but it would be a good way to make a little extra gold for leveling up.

Sure but it wouldn’t be til next week… Even when my alliance isn’t full, we’re waiting on someone…


So you just have to wait… But yeah we always do what we can to help out others at C.I.A.


PM me if you will still be interested then.



I am taking the time to answer your post because I like the fact that you have several creative ideas and are not afraid to put them out there even if they may seen a bit odd… :grinning:


In general higher level alliances won’t bother with doing something like this. The TOP10 all have maxed alliances with coffers full.

The 500k is not worth hassle to organize it plus having to explain to team members why people come and go… not worth it.


If you offered a one time 4m donation, I’m sure you would get a bit more interest in the TOP30… but “top boosts” are only available in the maxed alliances (lvl55) which means they are well off and 500k means not much to them.


But if you ask nicely people might will let you in for a while either to visit or to do a bit of raiding outside of war time.

I would be extra friendly upon joining and would state right away that you do not intent to stay long. 

This way people will not put a black mark besides your name.


Now if several people tried to do this it just won’t work. I might do it for one person or two, building up good will, but no more.

… and my alliance is only lvl54 so we do not have the TOP wolf boost :grinning:


Good luck,


Knight Gallant

Thanks for all the feedback (: I never intend to leave my alliance, but I was just curious in case my other members need a leg up.

I could pay 4mil, I guess. 750 gems for a monster level-up is pretty steep, though… I’d like to get as many alliance members in and out as quickly as possible, though, to make the best use of it, if I ever did need to do something like this. Like, “ok, everyone just gets one shot at their dungeon!” x)

This is a great idea and illuminati5 would be willing to pay for a slot rental.


750 gems for 4M donatoin, done!

To be honest, in the top alliances 500k gold is peanuts.  4M gold for 12 hours is probably doable I’d guess, outside of war, if there is a free space anyway.  Top alliances make about 30M gold per 24 hours - partly from single donations.


I do not speak for my alliance.  Just commenting in general.

The only problem I see with this is if the person knows how to use all the boosts. It will be new so many questions would need answering.

It would take a boatload of coordination and understanding, that’s for sure.

750 gems for a 4 mill donation to beat a couple monster levels?

You should just use about 1/5 that amount to scroll your way through…? If you cant beat a dungeon with a couple hundred gems worth of scrolls…brah you shouldnt be trying :stuck_out_tongue:


But seriously though, if you want the levels that bad just figure out how to scroll properly, and dont hold back. Only thing more costly than scrolling the crap out of a dungeon, is scrolling the crap out of it and then losing. Use blessings instead of revives, its much cheaper.

Yeah, there’s no way I’d limit it to one person 0: I’m thinking like 750 gems for the slot for a whole day, and anyone from the other alliance can use it.





UvT is busy reorganizing some of our sister alliances this war week. Many of our regulars are therefore outside the alliiance


So, we could temporarily bring on people to benefit from TOP boosters:

  • PM me for an invite

  • Make sure your invites are on, I will just delete your message

  • Ask your leader to send you an invite back before you quit your current alliance

  • Check that there is room in the alliance (currently 16 spots) before you accept or your invite will vanish when you try to accept it


  • Be nice and polite. Say hi when you come in.

  • Do not fill up the chat too much

  • Come in with a full Silo and farms full

  • Do your raids in one session and quit voluntarily so I we do not have to kick you. 


  • A donation is optional but welcomed


PM for an invite.  Squire Valiant, my trusted assistant will send you an invite.

I do not promise to accept anyone and I might end this at anytime if it is too much trouble.


Also know that we are on Map#1 this week and sitting out this war session. Now, you might get pummelled by the strongest kings in the game although I am sure they would not focus on the bottom half of the team. Normally all my players are >4k. (except for the ones that open their bases pre-war to entice our opponents to shower them with gems)




Knight Gallant


I’m jealous.


I guess I don’t get on the forums often enough or I would have made the same deal that Knight Gallant made, only his is sweeter because Us vs Them is higher level than The Swedish Crown.  Pretty classy offer, if you ask me.  Pretty cool guy.


I wonder why other top alliances haven’t made similar offers.  It’s incredibly easy for one person to just leave an alliance to make room for someone temporarily if it’s just a nice person who needs a quick favor.  Why would you even require a donation?  I challenge other high ranked alliances to beat the gallantry of Mr. Gallant’s offer.  Everyone who reads this can consider this an open temporary invitation to The Swedish Crown… although I would discourage it in favor of a visit to Us vs Them. :grinning:

Awww, I like you! I just don’t need the boosts myself :stuck_out_tongue: