Would be nice to capture towers rather than destroy

I find it odd that when you defeat a tower there is no additional benefit to the winner other than in any battle.  Sure, the enemy loses territory, but that is it.

It’s make more sense to leave the tower standing and in the Victor’s hands. This would make defending a tower much more vital so more troops would stay close, and would help Victor’s extend territory. As it is now you have to have stones and a worker available plus wait out the build time to take the territory.

The newly acquired tower could be weaker for a time, perhaps, and need to be upgraded to get to full strength. That would allow for some fun strategic back and forth. It would also make quick reversal of Fortune possible, whereas right now the Conquest is pretty much determined halfway through.

Yes, this would be nice. Maybe at the end of war, if the defenders get defeated, the aggressors can be given an option to restore tower at 1/2 build cost and time or an option to cleanup the remains and gain some stone/gold.

Oh, I like that. When you win a battle you get some resources from your opponent. That would be cool.

That’s a pretty cool idea!

It would be fun if the tower was also visually different, like partially destroyed/crumbling apart.

It could be only conquering 2 random tiles around it and to restore it, just like you said: make the level 1 costs at 50%?

Who knows, so many possibilities  :wink:

isnt this make the lossing side damaged too much ? We could have choose to live happy together now , add more favor to winning side make people will just go all out and take every single tower built of weaker alliance even the one near strong hold . 

Right now the winning side gets nothing. They use time, effort, energy points, and troops to defeat an enemy’s tower and all tha happens is they stand there and the enemy is sent home to heal and come back to fight again. Seems to me winning a war should accrue some benefit, and taking territory i(towers) n a game about taking territory seems like the proper reward.

 But as discussed above it doesn’t have to be full towers. Could be reduced build time, or gold and stone.  But no positive benefit to the victor doesn’t seem right.

Yes nice idea. Reduce costs and time by removating tower.

Hi PicklePete. Thanks for the idea. Moving this to the improvement/feature request section. Thank you.