Would this strategy work?

I’ve been seeing a lot of people at my level (3,200 trophy range) using defensive waves that can be taken out with a mere Swordrain or Blizzard. So here’s a strategy I’m thinking: Swordrain, + Blizzard, + Bladestorm, + Cannons. Swordrain + Blizzard would allow me to OHKO all the waves of units, Bladestorm (which I’ve been hyper-leveling for no reason, so it’s a beast for someone of my level) gets my king to the Castle Gate, and then my Cannons just slice through opposing towers. Thoughts? Are there any downsides to this strategy that I’m not aware of?

Because I’ve currently been super-charging Bladestorm and Swordrain for my spam-as-many-maxed-stunning-ogres-as-possible strategy, so for this strategy, all I’d really have to do would be to super-charge Blizzard and Cannon to max.

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I have those spells at high level. I tried what you suggested, and only made it 10% through my own base. I can usually 100% my own base fairly easily. With no way to heal/shield yourself in higher bases, you’re done.


I recommended trying some high-level game play. If you’re leader of your alliance and trust your guys enough, leave the alliance, join a high-level alliance to test your theories out, and find out what works best. Alternatively, you can have a friend/relative create an account on another device just to make a “psuedo-leader”, then when you return just get your friend to hand you back your leadership and kick out that account, unless your friend wants to continue playing.

Also, OHKO of a max elite cannon is tough. You’ll maybe find dozens of them in each base in high-level gameplay. Same thing with Archers, who have piercing resistance. Just try high-level gameplay for a little while. You’ll figure things out rather quickly… :slight_smile:

But I’m not /at/ high level gameplay. I’m at the 3k trophy range. So that doesn’t really answer my question. I mean, obviously I’m not even going be able to play at higher levels, if I can’t get gold at this level.

P.S. I do usually use 1 Blessing scroll per raid, too.

You’re really close to high-level gameplay. After 3500, you’ll start running into boosted bases all the time. Your strategy is interesting, but it won’t last you that long. Once you get boosted, max cannons, you’ll rise 500 trophies incredibly quickly. Then you’ll need Heal/Shield quickly.


You don’t have to take my word for it, but if you switch from Ogre to cannon boost when you can, you’ll see what I mean pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

I think you’re strong enough not to need that if you use heal/shield. But if that’s your style of play, I can’t complain. I haven’t scrolled the entire time I’ve played the game, except maybe once on accident. And I face lvl 4000 gameplay and lvl 82+ kings all day.


First of all, spending 10 gems or so for a blessing scroll on (almost) each of your raids is a clear hint that either your strategy isn’t working too well or you need more training for your raiding skills (at least if you are below 5k trophies^^). 

Thus, I’d say your strategy lacks some defensive spell like heal or shield. 


I can’t really tell you what works best at a 3k trophy level with absolute certainty, as it is too long since I am at 4k and above to really remember, and the game has changed a lot since I was there…


Though, if I were you, I would try to remove one of your current spells and replace it with heal or shield (whatever is currently strongest for you), and you might get away without all those blessing scrolls. One advice from me is using some cannons not only late in the raid but from the start. They help to get down across-path-overlap towers that would otherwise bombard your reinforcements all the time, and they do a decent job at getting through barricades and blockades. Plus, they can fire from behind, while your ogres go ahead and smash your foes, increasing your total damage dealt.


Unlocking a third troop slot with your saved gems from not using blessing scrolls and then using a few frosters in between to slow down your opponents at choke points might do some good as well… or arblasters to deal tons of ranged damage to hostile troops at path overlap and protect your reinforcement troops. I know, a third troop slot does not give you more leadership/morale, so you can’t summon more troops in overall, but you can vary and finetune your raiding army better and gain additional raiding power from a better unit mix (similar to how using more than just 2 troop types in your defensive waves will make your base harder). 


By the way, I see not much reason for using swordrain, blizzard AND bladestorm all together. But why?

Bladestorm is useful mainly against blockades and troops. But blizzard is useful against blockades and troops as well, plus it kills wolves and does serious damage to skull towers. Thus, bladestorm and blizzard together may be a bit redundant. Also, swordrain is useful mainly against troops but useless against barricades/blockades and towers, so if you already have both blizzard (long range) and bladestorm (melee), swordrain is not doing you much good on top of all that. Thus, removing one of those three and using heal or shield instead would probably work well.


And for spells in general, timing is often more important than the amount of damage spells that you can fire off. One well-placed blizzard for example can kill 2 low level skull towers and 2 medium lvl blockades as well as 1 wave of troops, as well as slow down some firebolt towers -  all in one shot! Good timing requires practice, concentration and knowledge about the range of each spell. 



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Really? o.O Wow. We’re not far away from Elite Cannons, too. That’s going to be fun~ > :wink:

Both my shield and my Heal are Lv.1… My Wizard Tower is always busy with Bladestorm, Sonic Blast, and Swordrain ._.

sentinel, once I heard you use a blessing every raid, this is not good, I also noticed you are clearly a paying player but going up the ranks will make you pay even more, if you are good with that then keep it up and give away all your money to flare, if you dont then go down a few hundred trophies and upgrade everything until you are actually ready to be at the level youre at currently :grinning:

But every raid I do, I get 600k o.O I usually only raid 3-6 per day for enough to upgrade my spells. Literally just $0.60 per day. Technically $0.15 if you consider the gem discount I got.

I have been getting away with not using a defensive spell by using the mummy


u can spawn him right beside you and he will hold off enemy troops for you to regen


how ever this strategy is becoming harder and harder as I climb the ranks due to bladestorm not chewing my way to the gate so easily


but this may change with the new elite boost for my pal the mummy :slight_smile:

Well, I guess it all depends on your own tactic, skill and strategy. What works for someone else isn’t per definition the best for you. I myself don’t use defensive spells in the 4300 trophy range as a level 81 king, but I can imagine that if you aren’t used to taking it slow sometimes and just rest and stand still for like 10 seconds you can’t use this tactic. Exactly the same is using a defensive spell for me, I just miss my BS, SB or Swordrain and can’t really make that work.

Ok for Swordrain and/or Blizzard but about Sonic Blast…now it’s essential against towers why you miss it, however your troops can’t do all work, you have to help them!

Idontn know,for the battles I am kind of lucky, but I cant pass my own base but this is kind of esay.