Would Windows Players Be Willing To Boycott Purchases from Flare Until We're Treated Equally?

Because I sure as &# would be HAPPY to save my money going to a company that treats a significant portion of its client base with utter contempt.

Lol, reminds me of an old war…


There is some ground.
When users android and iOS video stopped working, the response was immediate.
Do not care that Windows users suffer from this issue forever.

i just watched 7 to 8 videos since 2 days,and now it says i don’t have any offers right now,damn it,how many times do i have to reinstall this game.

Fix the damn video problems for windows users. :angry:

delete the game and re-install it.

play it and it will ask if you want to use your old account and the vids will work again.

That’s what I do,but how many times do we have to do that.

I don’t even remember the No. of times i deleted and re-installed the game.