Would you like to stop this healthy guide during the conquest?


It is the same post twice. However, this should not be left.


:slightly_frowning_face: I am a leader. There will be only one leader in an intermediate alliance without people. I am sad when this comes when I am thinking strategy in a tense scene.


As the progress of the game

Strategically now
I am waiting for another 5 hours.
I will be defeated if I leave.

My health is not during this conquest. It is an important scene.

It is an important scene. This game is such a game.

Thank you for logging me in. :slight_smile:

Aslan your strategy of stalling works great I’m wondering if you control all small account in your alliance? Seems strange the coordination for a beginning player would be done that well. It seems also like all of your “scouts” are always online. Very good strategy I must say.