Wow! RR2 is getting some pretty negative feed back on app stores now...

All of the highlighted review comments I saw on the app store are about the new black smith being trash and ruining the game :slightly_frowning_face:


Apparently if you piss off your players enough - they make your game look bad/lose potential new customersā€¦


Way to go Users!


This game has become to cash hungry in every aspect. Thank you for reminding me, Iā€™m going to go add to their feedback.

game is goodā€¦ it sFLARE who is cash hungry!!!

Agreed - though I have paid money to support the game, the current update wants diamonds for trashā€¦ and then offers you a much better item (granny) immediately anyways lolā€¦


Even missed most of the ā€œpearl eventā€ while upgradng my smithy - fail is fail

Gonna give some negative feedback right now that you mentioned it

Didnā€™t think of this option either, might acutally going to do this too :slight_smile:

Think I left mine quite a while back, thinks its due an update, a bad update for a bad update. How fitting

Yep , i cost like hundered and thousand of gems and pearl to get my item uberĀ  , right after that flare through in a 200% exp war , now my item look like shit compare to what granny offer . Seriously , who in charge of planning and aproving idea of rr2 must be really lazy or stupid , maybe both (so hate , just truth) . :huh:

I think i will leave some bad reviews on a friends phone actually.

Yeah we need to add our opinions. Our complaints here hasnt exactly been heard.

They heard it all ., im sure about that . It just they dont care enough to give us what we want . If i remember corectly last month we have a topic talking about what we could get when open alot of chest while having full silo ,gold . Right after that they give chest a life time . LOL :slight_smile:

They are like soup nazi except they be likeĀ  Oh stacked chests while full chamber and silo? NO NO! NO GEM FOR YOU!

Flaregames donā€™t care for your feedback, cause they are releasing soon a new game. It will be almost copy-paste to RR2.


They are just trying their best to ā€œlast minuteā€ cash-milk all of us suckersā€¦

Noā€¦ Now several old king left the game, we need more new player to keep this game alive :slightly_frowning_face: