Wow! RR2 is getting some pretty negative feed back on app stores now...

All of the highlighted review comments I saw on the app store are about the new black smith being trash and ruining the game :slightly_frowning_face:


Apparently if you piss off your players enough - they make your game look bad/lose potential new customers…


Way to go Users!


This game has become to cash hungry in every aspect. Thank you for reminding me, I’m going to go add to their feedback.

game is good… it sFLARE who is cash hungry!!!

Agreed - though I have paid money to support the game, the current update wants diamonds for trash… and then offers you a much better item (granny) immediately anyways lol…


Even missed most of the “pearl event” while upgradng my smithy - fail is fail

Gonna give some negative feedback right now that you mentioned it

Didn’t think of this option either, might acutally going to do this too :slight_smile:

Think I left mine quite a while back, thinks its due an update, a bad update for a bad update. How fitting

Yep , i cost like hundered and thousand of gems and pearl to get my item uber  , right after that flare through in a 200% exp war , now my item look like shit compare to what granny offer . Seriously , who in charge of planning and aproving idea of rr2 must be really lazy or stupid , maybe both (so hate , just truth) . :huh:

I think i will leave some bad reviews on a friends phone actually.

Yeah we need to add our opinions. Our complaints here hasnt exactly been heard.

They heard it all ., im sure about that . It just they dont care enough to give us what we want . If i remember corectly last month we have a topic talking about what we could get when open alot of chest while having full silo ,gold . Right after that they give chest a life time . LOL :slight_smile:

They are like soup nazi except they be like  Oh stacked chests while full chamber and silo? NO NO! NO GEM FOR YOU!

Flaregames don’t care for your feedback, cause they are releasing soon a new game. It will be almost copy-paste to RR2.


They are just trying their best to “last minute” cash-milk all of us suckers…

No… Now several old king left the game, we need more new player to keep this game alive :slightly_frowning_face: