Flare seems to change some layout on the forum page.something different from the time I suggestion is better that to improve and listen to players about their complaint not doing this kinda things(changing layout)


For reading the old style was better, maybe I must get used to it first.

old style was better

Hmmmm, anyone knows why sometimes there’s no box at the bottom to write my reply ? Lol. Of course in this thread I have it but when I go to trivia thread for example I can’t post a reply

yes, can’t write in trivia

Btw, liked the old forum better as well but yeah, maybe I just got used to it. However on the old forum we could see at the  bottom of a page who’s online etc, it was very useful.

Update gone awry,lol

It has been fixed by Aether


the old forum was more simple and easy to use ?

I think I still have to get used to this design, I admit this isn’t a bad design, it’s kinda… Windows 10-ish?