Wrong data on reperking

Just see the below screenshots. It shows me that if i reperk i will get 50% scream boost. After 2 times reperking when i got scream boost its just 23%.“WHAT THE BUG”.?

its 50% chance to get the scream boost, not that the scream boost will be 50%.

Same as the chance to get leadership boost is 33%, not that you will get 33% leadership boost - which is obviously not possible.

Edit: further, check in your second screenshot, below the ‘no’ and ‘yes’ it says “Chance to get Perks:”

The question that remains is why the odds are 50% to regain same perk you want to remove? A new perk should give 0% chance of getting the perk you just want to remove.

I agree with this logic, getting the same perk again after removing it - is absolutely ridiculous…

It’s a very simple question really - if you get the perk you just removed, you’ll have to remove it again = more gems spent = more dolla4flare.

What? Nobody’s gonna go fall for that? Er…well, someone might…uhm…probably…

Your answer is with the OP, people may want to try re-roll a higher value.

Same as I’ve seen other suggestions not to allow re-rolling something already previously removed.
that will not suit everyone, eg I have a SP belt, that I re-roll between leadership and scream depending my other gear.

Also it throws the chance system out, in the above, the chance of gold boost is no longer 16% but now higher. How do you account for it? adjust gems?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like the current system where you can be horribly unlucky. But solutions have to take into account other peoples situations and shouldn’t make things more complicated. Maybe something like what pearl upgrades did, much higher cost, maybe different chance to succeed first go, second one always succeed.

Exactly, I re-rolled to get 3 leadership items on the cape from the festival…Definitely worth it