Wrong hero appeared, game crashes.

Here is what has happened.

  1. I played  Alliance War with Helen who had Max Fury and won that game.

  2. I started to play regular map and I selected a player that was 3 level lower than me on an island and I selected Achilles who did not go to Alliance War.

  3. When attack part of the game starts, it is Helen that is there not Achilles. I clear half way and the game crashes.

  4. Lost Trophies.



It also happened to me, and even once with Zeus. I send the game crash reports.


Would you have additional information like:

  • Was the Hero which “appeared” full in Fury or didn’t have any left?

  • Did you fight with the Hero shortly before attacking on the normal map?

  • On which island did you make this attack?

In the normal game today I attacked and won with Cadmus and the game crashed and Athena appeared on the Island I won. Annoying as it costs ambrosia to send her back to the island she was guarding.

Would you have by any chance a crash report? Also, can you answer the questions above please?

  I have a similar question as yours. After I played normal wars with Cadmus, who I didn’t choose to play in alliance war, I started to play alliance war. But the profile of Cadmus appeared(it should be Ariande or Prometheus if it’s normal)  and then I disconnected. I reconnected for quite a few times, every time things  seemed normal until I tried to play alliance war and disconnected again. Sorry but I couldn’t give you report or evidence because it disconnects too fast so it’s impossible to take a screenshot. And video recording thing is taking me forever long to get started. The only thing I can show you is the island where Cadmus was staying when I started alliance war. Hope this will help you.


I assume it appeared when you scrolled with the arrow in the battle loadout in the War?

I had on both regular and war map the same problem since yesterday. I call it the swapping hero bug!

In war I choose Promethee this morning and instead I had Arianne doing the fight and at the end when victory show boom the game closed.  So no chests and no additional VP points. For info the previous fight just before this one was done with Arianne. The same arrived yesterday  with Cadmos.

Then after I reopen the game and the fury point was removed to the hero i choose and not one who did the fight. I went to use Arianne for an another fight on another island because she still had fury and I couldn’t. I had to quit the game 2 times  and re log before  I could fight against with Arianne.

I don’t have screenshot for the different crashes because it happen too fast.

On regular map this happened more than 10 times today.

The only solution I found to do is to quit the game and re log between each fight on war map.

On regular map this happened every 3 to 4 fight or when I changed hero to fight.

Not sure what you mean, but I supposed you mean that if it happened when I was switching hero in the alliance war. Then no, I didn’t. After I pressed the “shield crossed with sword” button beside the name of opponent in the alliance war,  the profile of Cadmus appeared and I disconnected.


So you get a disconnection, or a crash of the game?

Crash = game stops

I got the same problem here, please refer the post as the reference point of time.

10 mins ago I won a normal battle with Perseus. 

Then, I chose Helen to start the next battle. 

Perseus was sent to the battle instead of Helen. 

I won the battle, lost 3 trophies,  and Helen appear on the island that I have just won.

Disconnection, the game jump into the screen that appears before the grey screen with tips, which said reconnecting in five seconds.


This problem with hero swap happened to me also but only in normal map twice.

-once I sent Jason to fight but Hercules showed up -> won the fight -> game crushed before reward screen -> I opened game again and Jason was moved properly to the intended island

-second Jason was sent to fight, Adria showed up -> won the fight -> game crushed before reward screen -> I opened game again and Jason was moved properly to the intended island

This happened during war time. After I did not seen this anymore.

From what I seen this happens after you do a war fight and you continue to play in normal map. I guess is about pour attempt to restrict war heroes in normal map and equipment swap on war heroes.

Fortunately I avoid to play in normal map and war map in same session. When I forgot about this the above happened. This info should help fix the pour coding and when you select a hero do it by an ID not an INDEX. There are 3 places from where you can select and this way you avoid messing heroes order.