Wrong Pro Boost

This Pro League it was supposed to be unholy paladins and we were given the heal tower boost instead. We played for this boost to help in war. Please fix this it would help out a lot. Alliance is Inferno Ninjas and IGN: Dena Ann

alliance Drachen Orden didn’t get any boost at all although pala was on lvl4

plx fix asap!

We also have the heal tower boost and only for 7 days while they usually are for 10 days  :huh:

I was also activated by the “terror” of the healing tower instead of “ungoly”.


+ it can not be extended.

Same here

same here

Germania1 alliance


Same at the Annihilators Alliance 

Yup, same @ BlackButler Royal

We did not get our Pro-Palas level 4
No extra Healtower activation here.

Alliance: Last Bread Fighters

Same here no paladins alliance Numbercher u with two dots above

german language ING Tommy1709

Hello folks,

Thank you for reporting this issue and I’m sorry you are experiencing this. The devs are working on it and a solution should come very soon.

Many thanks,


Non abbiamo avuto paladini pr lvl 4. Che sarebbe di grande aiuto in guerra. Alleanza: Florentia1

Can you tell me what flare team doing? Ban those players from pro or complete remove pro league.

Same here, I like tainted love but we were preparing to use full boosted paladins. Please fix asap :slightly_frowning_face:

Alliance: The Dragon Forged

We performed a maintenance to fix this issue. Can you confirm everything is working fine now please?

Many thanks,


Unholy paladin works now yes, the heal tower boost is still active for almost 7 days and can’t be extended.

MASTER MEME alliance hasn’t exact cooldown of unholy paladin

Alleanza Florentia1 paladino attivo. Ma anche torri guarigione

Could you please speak in English on the forum? It would be helpful - I’m afraid I don’t speak Italian :slight_smile:

Thank you.