Wrong tier rewards!

I know there are more threads are there about not getting conquest rewards and about poor rewards.

But my problem is, I received wrong tier rewards! Our alliance fighted at seasoned explorers tier (for that, each player should receive 2 pro, 2 pal, 2 pearl, 2 gem chests and level 3 boosts!

But I received 1 pro, 1 pal, 1 pearl and 1 gem chests and level 2 boosts!

How fair it is?? I really need answer from Flare.


You should create a ticket in support part I guess… with your IGN and Alliance name ?

Hi KrugrexKudgel,

Please contact support: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I am sure they can help you there. Thank you so much!

The same for alliance Novorossia

We have the same! Alliance “Королевство Русь” ?

Same with us … alliance Kuska

We also recieved wrong level of boost… this is not ok…


Same exact issue for us. We do not want to wait until monday for this to be fixed!!

Ticket submitted, still have wrong rewards…???

The problem not get resolved yet. Even after raising ticket in support, they simply replied by saying that, a live server update has been done and missing rewards will be paid out. But they didn’t mention the wrong tier rewards given to the players. :slightly_frowning_face:

don’t know when this issue will get solved? Help me out madlen

We got same reply and also ours are still not corrected.

We did reply to ticket response that it was still not corrected.

So I guess now we wait whole weekend☹

By then half the boost time will be gone, but we are not suppose to complain. That is basically what was told to me anyway…



Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience.

Our developers have looked into the problematic and there seems to be no bug with paying out the wrong rewards. Shortly before the conquest started, we have made a live server update (see below), that sorted everyone into the correct tier. This means some alliances ranked up and some alliances were ranked down right before the conquest. It could be that your alliances were sorted in another tier and you may have not noticed because it was shortly before the start of the conquest. Could you please check if your rewards match the tier that is displayed to you now after the update? If there is still a wrong display, there could be a display bug [please let us know below then], but the correct rewards should have been paid out.

Thank you.


How completely unacceptable.

So much so, that you are even aware that many “may not have noticed”?

We based our spending of alliance money and personal time on the fact that you told us we were in the level above and would receive those rewards for almost 3 weeks before.

Then at the last minute you change it? Apparantly fully aware that many would not notice the change?

Completely unacceptable behavior, and just another reason why people are leaving the game. These type of things are why your players are unhappy, yet you continue to do things like this.

If that change needed to be made then the appropriate time would have been days before with an announcement to check your level. OR right after the event so teams could see level and decide level of participation.

We wasted alliance upgrade Money based on what we had been told was our level in competition. We would have been much better off not spending a dime and completing our alliance upgrade.

Then you leave things like this to rest on the shoulders of the alliance leaders. 

My team never even recieved responses to their support tickets. [Lucky for them most do not read the forum- like who wants to?]

Any other words I might have to say have certainly been banned on the forum. 

What a load of s…


Current tier? Well lets see…

We were in seasoned explorers … 

got rewards for novice explorers…

now all the way to veteran explorers.

And still team recieved no response to support tickets!


You will need to check again right before the next conquest event starts, or better, right after it has started. Only then you can be sure about the tier for your team.

A ton of modifications has been requested to conquest mode, so you shouldn’t be surprised when there will be changes before the next conquest event starts.