WTF are you doing Flare?

Ich hab heute 5 Legendäre Kisten geöffnet und hoffte das ich paar Juwelen und 1-2 Legendäre items bekäme. Was bekomme ich NUR Perlen. 0 Juwelen. 0 Items. 0 Coupons. Ps: Hatte volle Schatzkammer und Volles Silo. Wieso macht ihr denn sowas? Wenn wollt ihr denn Verarschen? Ihr zerstört gerade ein tolles Spiel.

Today I’ve opened 5 Legendary boxes , hoping that I would get some Gems, 1-2 Legendary items . What am I getting ONLY Pearls 0 Gems . 0 Items . 0 coupons . Ps : Had full treasury and Full Silo . Why are you doing something? When do you want kidding ? Your just destroyed a great game.

I guess its just bad luck but I would welcome pearls tbh it is valuable now

Did you get it only from those video legendary chest or from all legendary chests you managed to collect ? From my experience, if I had a full chamber and farms I got only pearls from that video chest (around 90) but without full chamber I got also crappy items  and gold. Can’t tell if it happens in all legendary chests, haven’t got any from war yet.