Wtf, how did this happen?

This Russian alliance is on one of the top maps with North, Todes, Arab, French Ligue and RA (or should I say Korea?). This brings up a few questions.


How did this alliance with 10 nembers end up on the top map?

Where does this alliance come from?

How is it possible this alliance has max (!!!) fiefs??

Hahaha :lol: Thanks for providing the end of the story. I searched but couldn’t find them because of the russian characters.
The story started at 48 and ended at 100 fiefdoms in this thread (work your way up). Nice :wink:
Not for the members, most of them left because of the inability to win for maybe close to a year :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems all other alliances have an agreement to not attack them, so that they keep their 120 fiefdoms forever …

LOL  :lol: :lol:


some creepy shit is going on in this game and it all have to do with Russian alliances

they got fiefs dumped on them…all 18 on the map…2 or 3 times in a row…flare supposedly stopped the fief dumping but did not fix the fiefs for the clans that got dumped on



Fiefdom dumps aren’t possible any longer. When dropping under 4 members you won’t be eliminated any longer from the map. Only option is to leave completely, which would mean end of team.

The situation described here only proves that the algorithm is still far from perfect. One of the advices I gave when one of the developers contacted me was to calculate total skulls a team is able to score and hold reckon with that. They added some calculation, but it is not even a close match to what I suggested. With 10 members it will be close to 50k max skulls that this team is able to score without champs. In comparison with the other teams on the same map this is a very bad joke from the side of flare.

Of course total score can be abused by starting with less members, but abuse can be prevented by not allowing new members taking part of a season already in progress.

Well… It seems that the alliance wars system itself makes impossible the creation of perfect rules…

But still, 120 fiefs while other top alliance, except the top 4, are between 60 and 70, would mean that  they would have to had at least 4 seasons where all alliances dropped every player. And to be honest, I have never ever heard of this alliance before this war. Seems a bit strange to me.

it was the 1st it happened to…i remember reading that besides all 18 flare gave them an xtra 25 ftefs each time…its in forum posts

what are your sure

I believe this what flare meant by better match making…

Dena4, how do you know this? Did you test it?

Aether/Alysea gave us that info.

Check the last message. I did not test it, but I think that there will be teams that tried to do so and became surprised, because they didn’t know.