× The Pantheon × - UBER ACTIVE

If you’re looking for an active war alliance, join us in × The Pantheon ×! 

We donate and participate every day, well aware that what makes an alliance strong is teamwork and communication! We all help each other, we grow stronger together. Join us now! ??️

Always forward, always strong! 

Our new banner :3


LVL 16 Alliance, active AF, we’re in it to win it!!

Atm Ranking at 350, 26 Torches. The only goal is VICTORY. 

The Pantheon.png

Any requirements?


For now, being lvl 30 and up, and a daily committed player! Feel free to join! 

We are just now inaugurating our Facebook group only for Alliance members, to exchange tips, strategies, and whatever is of relevance to the team and the game. https://www.facebook.com/groups/xThePantheonx
We also have room for new members right now, so don’t lose this chance! Join us.

There’s an opening, we are looking for YOU!! Only active players. No dead weights!!

Weird enough, yet I am unable to find ur alliance. My game is sure it is nonexistent. Any bright ideas why it is this way or should I go to the support? 

Put a * in front of the clan name. The emoji are screwing u up most likely

Try and copy + paste it from here (× The Pantheon ×). It has to have those little exes. Annu up there was able to find us! I hope you guys do too. How are you searching for us? (I mean, by entering what, exactly?)

OLYMPIANS!! We are waiting for you to join us!!!

We have openings. Now is your chance!!! 

Tyvm, this solved it. Tried to enter all sorts of possible combinations only to get the Italian Pantheon. Guess it is the absence of those crosses on my keyboards that messed it up. 

We have openings. Warriors, don’t miss this chance!

x The Pantheon x is in dire need of active warriors.

We take NO deadweights, we’re in it to win it. Join us! We are looking for YOU!

We’ve a Discord channel ready to interact fluently and strategize for war plus permanent Alliance blessings. Our team is run by highly active people and thrives on teamwork. We are contemplating mergers , be sure to hit us up if interested.