xLegenDx - lv 22 - Main Language spainish + english - Hero Level Req: > 20

Alliance Name : xLegenDx

Alliance Level : 22

Alliance Leaderboard: 1185

Our alliance is helping low~mid player lv hero have a decent amount of gold/elite/war boost to help them with their gameplay experiences until they can find a better home and decide to leave .

We usually face alliance with member have 1000 -> 2500 trphies during war . So if you have lower it could be difficult ror you to win skull

Requirement to join : Lv > 20 ,donate and play daily (we dont care how much) .

Since last month many player have grow strong enough to join better alliance and leave so we need new member to fill the spot .

Its open right now but we will close during war .

Thank for reading !

If this not a right place to post this please move it to the place it should be , thanks !