XP Bases - Current list

Back in the past, we had a forum page about XP bases which were set by players…

To help others level up much faster :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know what happened, but thought it would be great if we had that page back. So here it is :grin:

Basically the idea here is: You post a screenshot of your XP base layout, saying until when it lasts.

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To start of:

Until when? Base set until Conquest starts (next Thursday).

Edit: Waves back to normal.


okay Guy. Now you can get more exp


This friend of mine says he can’t post on the forum somehow, but asked me to post his base for him:

What do you guys mean by exp bases? I’m new and just figuring things out.

It’s basically a base (defense layout) which gives more XP to your hero, so you can level up faster.

For example: Boosted Mummies are good to farm XP because it summons Knights upon death.

Basically, the bigger the amount of units killed the greater the amount of XP won.

For a better understanding, you can take a look on the following RR2 Wikia Links:

Oh and btw… Welcome to the game, hope you have fun :wink:

Having tons of fun man, loving it. Just wish I could find an alliance that’s actually active. LOL

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Can you post some xp bases in all trophy ranges.

LOL! :rofl:

You talk like it’s easy to find them…

C’mmon boy, think a little about what you ask, it’s impossible for me to know every good XP base there is on each range…

I only posted mine and another which the guy let me.

The idea is for the owner to post his base here, I don’t know if others would like me to post their bases… :thinking:

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Thanks ShadowsGuardian, I needed the gold

Thanks Mil_aly, your ascention archers are not to be taken lightly, they defended very well. (Killed my king two times in three attacks)

sorry i can’t open longer

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That was not my idea with this post but…

Nevermind, glad to help :sweat_smile:

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