XP Farming Suggestions (Any Bases?)

As title suggests, looking for some good places to get my XP farm on. Maybe some current mummy boosted bases would be nice so I could start practicing raiding them with as much xp boost as I can squeeze in while still not hurting myself too much.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!

Yep that’s exactly what I do, @Invizzzible! Those opponents give out tons of gold and XP. Those are by far the best to attack

Players currently not in an alliance haven’t Surprise mummy, Witch doctor, gargoyle conquest boost, snake tower conquest boost, gargoyle tower war boost, defense ninja, defense zombie, defense yeti, beasts, some obstacle special war season boosts and some tower special war season boosts.

In others words, they have no boosts at all, no beasts, no ninjas / event troops. 

That makes those bases considerably less though to beat, but also gives a bit less XP. (Afaik, boosts per se don’t increase XP, but additional spawned troops like skeletons and gargoyles or knights, etc. do provide XP too.)