XP-gain display after fight

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one thing which always seemed odd to me, is the lack of overview and transparency concerning the leveling. For example, having no numericsl indication on how much  experience a king earns after a fight. I kept track of  a range of fights, by comparing the before/after XP status for next level: I don’t want to challenge your calculatiin algos, but honestly they don’t really make sense too me. I had so much discrepancies between leaderboard position, lvl/class of the opponent, my own boost, the type of fight etc. Futhermore, I couldn’t keep track of a real logic of bonus applicability. Even with 330% + XP bonus with my experience set, Sometimes I made less experience for comparable fights wearing normal gear. I think it could be a great help for players to identify which fights are wirth it, while trying to lvl up

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1.Search is the key of the information

you are new so I give you a little chance here

Go in page 1 and reach my High XP explanation

i will explain here anyway to be sure you understand how XP work

Point Number 1

Tower have different level. So give different XP. Of course fight level 1 tower will not give like fight level 15 tower

Point Number 2

Timer have a role in XP. A huge number of player didn’t know this information by the lack of tutorial. If you fight and beat your opponent with 1 minutes 40 seconds. Of course you will gain a awful low XP

However if you are at the gate with over 1 minutes. Just stay there don’t move and let’s your troops fight alone. The majority of time you will lose 20 or 30 seconds this way. that up the XP. Because the number of units and waves you face is higher

(in my video you see the first battle is awful because I have beat it with over 1 minutes. After I have show how huge XP you gain when you waste the timer)

Point Number 3

Some troops give more XP and Tower give more XP than others. To have the precise number you must read and look the Wiki. A wonderful tool made by Opelle. That show XP gain

So fighting by example a player with low tower and knight, Froster,Arblaster. Will give you very low XP

However if you fight a player with Tower maxed with Necromancer,Mummy,Werewolf, Vikings and reach the gate and defeat him with only 10 seconds left. You will give huge XP

Point Number 4

Here the XP or around

Level 1-20 : 2k-5k

Level 20-30 : 5k-10k

Level 30-40 : 10k-20k

Level 40-50 : 20k-30k

Level 50-60 : 30k-40k

Level 60-70 : 40k-50k

and so on…

If you use XP gear set. you have 330%

Level 80-90 : 700k-900k

Level 90-100 : 800k-1M

level 100-110 : 1M-1.5M

Level 110-120 : 1.5M-2M

Level 120-130 : Over 2M

Possible can be more than that. i have only 220% XP Gear. So you can up this number. Maybe add 100k-200k for each maybe more

If you don’t obtain this. You don’t fight the right player. Take care of the color of tower (Black) and what player use is the key of high XP

Hope that help you to understand more