XP gained for each base to be defined

The topic says it all.

Some players want to achieve max. king status to have better items, for which XP gained in each battle is important.

Can FG provide an XP to be gained per base?  It will be useful for players who would like to attack only with the XP gear.

BTW, what is the max for XP gain?


Yes, that would be a useful feature. There were many suggestions like these (eg. defensive timer to know the time for raid, live data feed to see the progress i.e the towers left or ahead, etc.), nothing has been attended to. 

I think it will be hard to be 100% correct to show XP. Some waves appear twice and since you gain xp also by beating troops (also for skeletons!) it’s hard to give you exact numbers. 

Say you beat the base with 90 seconds left, this would give you less XP points than a person that beats a base within the last second (more waves, so more troops beaten). 

It has more to do with what kind of tower and troop you use, not with time you have left on gate.  But obvious the stronger towers and troops are in def, the less time you got at gate.

Dena4’s comment about winning with 90 seconds left vs the last second means that the person who won fast encountered (and killed) fewer enemy units so they get less XP than the person who won with 1 second left because they killed more units.

Should just count as if you beat each wave then. If you win you win… 

Same with towers. The gate tower thing is just ■■■■■■… if you beat the base you beat it…

Yes, true. But it would be a great feature as the some of the pro-items now are very much dependant on the kings level.

Like pro gear, Sp item could start at 6.6 for a king with level 130, whereas 6.1 for a level 118 or so.



Well maybe they can show MAX XP you can get from every base then…

That would be an option. But then people complain they get less XP as what was shown while they scored 100%. 

Main problem stays knights from surprise mummy plus skeletons from necromancer plus waves that did not appear. As an extra, say a beast generates/converts troops. We can’t know the xp points of everything before raiding.

Problem is that what is displayed will never be precise and accurate.

Maybe minimum XP is a better lead. Everything you manage to get extra is a bonus. 


Min/max same thing for me, just the rough number would be nice…I still need like 1bil XP to max and gaining 5mil every 2 weeks, sucks!

I know the feeling, needing 13M+ for level 114, but since I seldom raid during recess, I don’t get closer. Knowing roughly the XP gained for a base would definitely give a better indication. Now needing to check before and after the raid and do math also doesn’t make us a lot wiser, those steps should be obsolete by giving an average/minimum/maximum xp gained when you successfully raid a base. 

It would also help to determine whether or not raiding with XP gear (I don’t have an XP wardrobe) will help to climb much faster. When a base gives relative low XP, it is useless to raid that base in XP gear. Better raid with XP gear against bases giving tons of XP. 

I agree to this. Well said!.

putting my 2c in, as someone that has leveled relatively quickly.

if you want to level up faster, whats slows down most people leveling is down to not fighting every chance and fighting often.
and coming up with excuses why you aren’t leveling as fast as you could / find ways to procrastinate.

This suggestion might make procrastinating worse spending more time looking for target.
Not to mention the people that will complain when the xp gained doesn’t match / complain it isn’t transparent / complain complain complain.

If you want to level up faster, go out there and fight, the difference in min / max xp gained is minor compared to wasted time procrastinating / not fighting every chance.

Yes, true, but fighting at the higher levels gives you a max. of 150-220 xp (war gear), which takes longer time as compared to dedicated playing with XP gear, where you can earn 550-600 plus XP and much shorter time. Let’s say 15-20 days of 20 fights a day can make you jump levels.

so go out and fight in your xp gear.

do you need a xp shown on a base before deciding you should use your xp gear to get more xp?

Just an indication wouldn’t hurt.

If you are fighting to win diamond league, I assume you look at the medals on each base before attacking? So why not roughly the same for XP?

Yes, indeed because I would like to spend my 220 bread on 600 XP rather on 520 or 550 XP. 

When you have time, you better raid in farm gear. When you don’t have time, raid in xp gear. 


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