XP perks needs higher upgrade value

XP perks really needs higher upgrade values than just 0.1% thry share the same upgrade value as skull perks and that’s absurd.

Skull perks are in my experience appearing at between 2.1-2.7% when you first reach them at my level slightly below 100.

XP perks appears at 15-19% so isn’t it obvious that the xp perk value upgrade should be alot higher than skull?

For example luck which appears at 6-9% gets 0.2% increase per level and start morale which you get at 48-53% increases by 0.7% so why is xp perk hanging so far behind?

Not interested in hearing players moan about how xp isn’t important or whatever but devs or aether to actually look at it or forward it. Just seems wrong since the difference is absolutely miniscule.

Let’s say I upgrade a 2% skull perk 10 times and it becomes 3% now that’s a huge value increase but raising a 16% xp to 17% uhm… not so useful since the value of the number in that stat is totally different. The skull perk increases it Base value by 50% with 10 upgrades and the xp perk? So so far behind