XP token doesn't work along with x2 XP from pal event

The current pal event has a 2x XP boost which would be ideal to use along with the 2x XP medal boost, but the XP medal doesn’t appear to actually increase the XP that is gained during the event. IMO, the 2x XP medal should double the XP you are getting, so this should actually give a 4x XP during the Pal event. If the intention is to specifically not allow the XP medal boost to stack with the event XP, then you should disable the medal during the event so people don’t waste their XP medals.

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it was told that medal give you +100%, no stack
So, I think now it is 200%+100%=300%, not 400

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I make the same remark on my team. We don’t win more XP… I have a gear with 163,2% XP…and the x2 XP is normally activated…but I always win less 1M XP… I attack players with the same or high level than me (115-120), with or without alliance…
I think that is very strange to no win more XP with a complete gear AND x2 XP event…

Edit : I up my level gear to 250%, tu win 1.1M. I understand that I need a very big EXP% on my gear to see the good results on my attacks… :sweat_smile:

True. They should update its description. I wasted my 3x XP tokens and 3 hours without knowing that.

Hi there,
This should work like that and we just checked and it seemed to work like that.
Could you provide screenshots or anything,please?

My understanding is:

XP from raid = 100k
XP from raid with 300% XP set = 400k
XP from raid with 300% XP set + XP Token (+100%) = 500k
[XP from raid with 300% XP set + XP Token (+100%)] x 2 as per event boost = 1000k

User wants it to be:
[(XP from raid with 300% XP set) x 2 as per event boost] x 2 as per XP token = 1600k

I think it works fine as it is, to make it stack multipliers on top of event multipliers would completely break the leveling up system

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Hi @Madlen
sorry, but I don’t think to make screenshot about this bug…
If anyone, can have it ?