xp token not stacking with xp boosting gear

I used an XP token today with my Pro xp set and noticed the rates aren’t any different for previous runs without the token. Assistance requested.

Legionslayer_01 PC/Windows 10

Same for me - I don’t get 100% on top of what I would have got. Maybe an extra 100k xp so I’m getting 800k xp but before 700k

Same here , wasted a token and festival currency.

I asked before, Madlen answered it would not be stacked. So if you have 200% xp gear, it would just be added like 100% extra, so not multiplied by 2.

Damn. Not sure I Will buy then. 

Was hoping it would stack.


Adding 100% is already really good though.

Just imagine the boost as if you equipped 2 extra Ares rings:


I haven’t that ring.

You do… if you activate the boost  B)

Actually makes sense now tried it out

0% xp gear 170k xp

normal xp gear 319% 700k xp

token boost xp gear 419% 1 million xp

Yes don’t work with xp gear.



I appreciate the feedback, and glad it worked for you Basher. All I can definitively say is I have averaged 500-700k for months (without the token) in the range I used the token.  When I used the token this did not change despite the armor reading 360%+. I fought several with it and very few went much over 700k (normal), most were 500-600k (also normal). To help illustrate this further, just moments ago I tried one I did with the token and received about 700k without it. I really don’t think the bonus (stacked or not) was added.