XRay Tech reveals amazing detail

Using my newly-developed, black-carpet XRay technology, I discovered that the Jester Boxes are actually fully rendered.  I was able to observe every “invisible” Jester Box as I approached it, and noticed that the game developers depicted the hidden, underground portion, even though no one (other than me) will ever see it.  Fascinating attention to detail.  

I still miss your old DP 

And y’all say flare is lazy and doesn’t bother with things.

I have seen Jester Boxes before they “hatch”, but not with the “black carpet” bug. I saw them in the ninja event and posted a pic a while back. You could see the entire jester box 5 tiles ahead, cause in the ninja attacks, the ground for battle is above ground, giving the Jester Boxes away haha

They removed the new content (basilisk, viking, heal, jester, necro) from Ninja, and never added it back (maybe because the “pirate” theme didn’t work correctly with it?).

Ninjas don’t work with pirate theme either. Hell, hardly any part of the event fits. I keep telling them to put actual pirates in the pirate themed event but they have better things to do, apparently.

And they removed basilisks from event because the towers broke the event. I have seen vikings a few times (literally few) so I think they’re still there.