xTwistedKrakkenx looking for members

xTwistedKrakkenx is looking for 8 new members. 


Alliance Name: xTwistedKrakkenx

Alliance lvl: 5

Minimum Donation: 2k

Lvl requirement: Be at least lvl 18

Main Language: English



Looking for 8 members right now, capacity will be raised within 48 Hours


Donation is a MUST! I will not have leechers! I am donating 50k atm but 2k is minimum right now, will be raised in future possibly. 


Must be active. Once we are able to participate in WAR seasons, WAR participation will be a Absolute MUST! 


English speaking members preferred.


Come join me an lets have fun an kick @$$!! I welcome ideas/tips for the Alliance or for my own base or just in general. 

^Bump Now have 7 spots left. Come join me!

6 spots left.

Bump^ upgraded Alliance to lvl 5, 8 spots open now.