It’s like a miracle or real I don’t know but suddenly I press the video and it’s working… Amazing… 

Then now follows step 2 I hope, every players gets a legendary chest every 2 hours and not like it’s now. Some get them once every 4 hours while others get them every 2 hours.

There should be no difference in this cooldown period between videos. No excuses like the provider arranges this, we can’t do anything about it. I want a game that treats all players similar, no disadvantages for some.

But I got all the rewards after just finished the watching…may be it will be for temporary but it helped me a lot as I am able to complete one of my upgrade because of video rewards

That’s not my point, some get a free chest every two hours, while others (including me) get chests every four hours. So some literally get double the amount of chests, containing not only gold, but also pearls, gems, items and vouchers.

Players who get them every two hours literally have a huge advantage over the others. Since you can save chests 2 days before they expire, you can no longer say that this a fair way to treat players. Nobody should have such a huge advantage and there should be no difference between players.

On a working day I (4 hours between chests) can get 3 chests per day, while in the weekend I can get 5 chests per day. When I would have them every two hours, I would have 5 chests on a working day and in the weekend at least 9 per day. Notice the difference? Save those chests for two days and I can not even upgrade a tower (mine cost 8M+), while the ones with video every two hours can even launch a max upgrade!

In fact players who can login at any moment of the day and are awake for 16 hours can get 9 chests per day instead of 5. That’s 8 chests more that you have within two days. Within a year more than 1k extra chests for the ones with 2 hours cooldown in comparison with players having a cooldown of 4 hours. This gap in free chests is unacceptable.

It’s not only the gold that players profit from due to the extra chests, also the gems, pearls items an vouchers help them to progress way faster. Here a short summary of the advantages from a chest every two hours in comparison with four hours after two days of saving chests (free player!):

  • Gold (2 hours <–> 4 hours)
    • More than enough gold to start any upgrade without a single raid <–> Raiding definitely required to start more expensive upgrades 6M+
    • 10M+ upgrades cost no single drop of sweat, even the 15M ones are no problem. The chests give the gold 100% <–> An upgrade of those is no guarantee, raiding is required and still this doesn’t ensure the upgrade.
    • Completely fill treasure room is piece of cake. So CoF can give extra pearls, items, gems plus vouchers <–> Fill treasure room is hard, you need the gold for other purposes
    • No need for gold shield <–> Sometimes needs gold shields.
    • Guess who has an unfair gold advantage and makes better progress?
  • Pearls
    • Extra pearls to do extra forges.
    • Blacksmith dependency much lower <–> Higher blacksmith dependency, so more items needed. Since you have less chests some part of gold must be spend on buying more items to meltdown.
    • Guess who can forge more troops, items, spells and defensive structures and makes more progress?
  • Items
    • You find plenty of them, more than enough for sure to keep blacksmith busy<–> To keep blacksmith busy, you need to buy items with gold. The chests simply don’t fulfill the need.
    • Higher chance to find good legendary items. With the extra pearls these can be forged also to uber <–> Reduced chances on good items.
    • Guess who profits most?
  • Gems can be used to
    • buy more workers, so parallel more buildings can be upgraded, making the gap only increase
    • More blacksmith slots
    • Higher alliance tower.
    • More inventory slots
    • More gems to scroll. Guess who is able to complete dungeons faster.
    • More gems to continue opening CoF when laughing skull appears, so profits even more
    • Can afford to continue CoF during zombie event
    • Who is in clear advantage?
  • Vouchers
    • With more vouchers you can buy anything that can be bought with it <–> Mostly used for refilling silo.

There is only a simple conclusion. We see a lot of advantages for the player who gets way more chests. This is just unfair for the others.

I want this inequality to be fixed and definitely don’t want to hear any excuses of that video providers are responsible for this. then add a video commercial for another flare game to compensate those chests. All players should get same cooldown period of 2 hours and should be able to get a new chest then by watching a video. Or all players should be able to get the same amount of chests.


At least some get the chest.  :rolleyes:

Can anyone confirm they get chests on 2 hour cooldown?

It’s 4 hours for me aswell.

Yes, but the question is how many in comparison with others. That inequality should be fixed, it’s just totally unacceptable and unfair.

I can confirm that some members of my team get them every two hours. It starting to look like a bad episode of animal farm. All are equal (all should get a chest), but some are more equal (some get way more chests).

Come on, we want a game that’s fair towards every player. That payed players have some advantage, fine, but not this way.

Well, I can now boost my farms, but when 2 hours left, I am champed, 20 battles to do, the videos stop, and vouchers fly. Each player has to get equal opportunities.

Did you ask them what country they’re from?

Might be related to that.

It is related to regions indeed. In Germany and Israel the chests come every two hours. I bet this is also the case in some other countries. Some have them every 2.5 hours, others every three and some (like me) have them every 4 hours.

Boosting farms has nothing to do with getting legendary chests for watching an ad.

I am also on the general issue of some getting videos and some not. Well, if those videos are shown, it will never be fixed because that generates revenue.

Sure, general issues with videos should be fixed also, why you otherwise offer videos at all? But I want to emphasize that the difference in amount of legendary chests is just unacceptable.

I understand, but probably, certain regions do not earn enough revenue, so this is something which won’t be fixed. No solution expected.  -_- <_<

I already play long enough to know that I talk into the void. The odds that a flare member reads the topic are very low and the odds that they fix it is even less. Hope does give us something to look forward to/

So I won’t expect this to be fixed, it was already a miracle that video ads were added for Windows users. And there we fought a real battle and in the end we were surprised. So who knows.

With more videos I would expect them to get more revenue, maybe in some countries it’s just not interesting yes. I think in my country this rule is just invalid. It doesn’t come even close to an explanation why players from my country have a cooldown of 4 hours on Windows.

You should watch the commercial videos pass by in other games, it’s something to get dizzy from at least.

There is no other way to put than the say that Windows players get effed over here over and over and we’re supposed to smile and say thank you.

Thank you is the last thing I would say to Flare.