Yea I am bugged ,

Here it is again , no NO NO video boosts? , worked fine til maintanence break , now it is off and on , never know , what a crap bunch of thieves , tryomh to get you to spend gems instead , ass wipes need to be taught a lesson and I believe the way to do that is to start government actions aginst flar for cheating and lieing to make $ … bet someone is gonna get pissed and do just that 


try deleting the vungle file.  that worked for me earlier today.


You could do that, or just send in a request to the support team instead of wasting time posting here

You could do that, or just wait for 4.0 come out and fix this feature

message for the sake of messages! just a flooder

wow thanks for the screenshot. Thank you. A great fan of me ? Thanks. Yes I am a gamer and I play OR,RR2,Nonstop Knight,Evoker and in the past Dawn of Steel. If Flare add Flick Arena and others section of their games. Maybe I will play them too. By the way thank you for this great admiration. For follow me everywhere. You make my day

PS : next time you can show me your admiration via PM for not hijack a topic. Anyway thanks ?

You are a great fan :heart: and I appreciate it. However its not the place for this. At least do it in OFF topic. Thanks

All this love. I don’t know how to react really. I have a big smile :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow ^^

haha, yeah…I used to want to do that when I was a rookie here