Yet another bug.

Bensonstrikes had a war bug again allowing us to only fight 1 opponent. Half the team isnt fighting outta frustration. Can u please compensate our team 

Done on morale points in total I believe. First shown is most morale points in the waves. 

What happened? The other 2 teams were eliminated?

Yes they were both eliminated from the start. 

They really just need to cancel the season again and start over in like 3 weeks. 


I think we’ve been cursed by the Horae (goddesses of the seasons) because the devs are following the meteorological seasons instead of the astronomical seasons, as mythology is more related to astronomy than meteorology.


That’s why I suggested to start the War Season around the 21st and not the 1st:

Plus it would give them more time to test.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Dumpster, that the season should be cancelled or if the Devs are confident the bugs are fixed reset the season again. There are far too many bugs to call this an accurate reflection of a league ; lost furys, entire teams sitting out, tons of lost strikes, really bad matchmaking (this might not be a bug of course). I know we’re all eager to test the new war formats, but whats the point if strikes are gonna disappear on a 1v1, just gonna stare at each other across the islands shouting insults! We’ve put up with this annoying 4 way war format for a long time, maybe just a little longer and we can move on!