Yeti Festival 12d 19h

My first Halloween playing Royal Revolt 2 was Awesome! I want to thank everyone at FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE for making it memorable.

I am an ex World of Warcraft player, and the one thing I still do miss are all the holidays and events in that game.

So I am really looking forward to the Yeti Festival in 12d 16h

I am hoping to get both the Yeti and Inuit Armor sets,

and I really, really, really need a Fritz! :wink:  ?

one thing I noticed in the different Trophy Levels:

900 - 1,199 Festive Elf

0 - 899 Charming Elf

there really needs to be a Dentist Elf.


Aehm, it is the normal ninja event just instead of ninjas you get yetis. That’s it. Nothing else. No special prices or pals or so. 

Its my first Yeti event. And the previous zombie event was also my first zombie event. Any idea how often do these special ninjas(Yeti and Zombie) event comes?

the Ninja event seems to be the most frequent as I have done three of them so far.

I am not entirely sure but I think the Yeti and Zombie event might only happen at Halloween and Christmas; but do not quote me on this.

As events go, Alliance Wars happen every so many weeks, the PRO League is always Friday to Monday each week, and Conquest is also so many weeks apart.

As for the Festivals, they too are holiday related, one in the summer, at Easter, at Halloween, at Christmas.

The game has enough interesting Festivals and Events to keep you occupied, so keep playing Dastan :slight_smile:  

nice minion by the way.

2d 12h away now, Silent Night; Freezing Night Yeti Festival (or Ninja’s in a Yeti Costume.

Speaking of Costumes here are two Winter looking armor sets, und Fritz!!!

my King would be happy with either (preferred both of these outfits)

Yeti I Am Ready!

Moving this to Ninja event though :grinning:

Thank you so much. I’ll keep playing as long as I enjoy. Hope I enjoy forever.

You can definitely see the evolution of the 3d modelling being done, that yeti helmet looks more like a balloon (I think yeti set was either the first, or near first, special set, when everyone got the skull weapon finally :)), the eskimo was a year later, and much more detailed and form fitting.