Yeti in Offense and Defense

Is it just my imagination or does it take forever for the small yetis to combine into the big yeti in offense compared to the yetis in defense?

Yeah to not forget that when all the yetis evolve into a single yeti boss it just take years to run in time that you have already cleared all the way lol

Yes he is super slow, Because the small yetis are ranged troops, the big yeti will also spawn in the back where no enemies are, usually at least.

So do you need 5 for that to happen?

from 2

Defensive yeti is good at slowing down the attacker.  Offence Yeti (level 14) seems pretty useless so far, barely notice they’re there, large yeti appears when there’s no enemies to kill, and disappears when they do show up, seems a bit broken at the moment.

I think the big yeti should have a 5.5 range ice shield for ice damage slowdown its only a short period of time so it adds a twist without giving permanent advantage.

Yeti health too low in my opinion. It also doesn’t help that in offense Firebolt Towers target them before anything else and pick them off like anything. As long as you have spells, Yetis in defense get killed in less than one second with various spells.