Seems they r really worster then ninja.

weak,non deadful

hope they will fix it

So far my favorite event unit has been the zombie. It was fun stealing units from the enemy. The yeti seems alot weaker than the ninja.

I like ninja,they was good in defence

The big yeti is most times walking behind my mummies, just watching the mummies do the job. So far not very helpful. But it could be the low level yeti that I have.

In fact, I don’t mind, better staying behind my troops then walking in front and activating towers.

well they are actually NOT WEAK at level 14 but the problem is that they are not quick enough to hurt you and that unlike ninjas/zombies theres only one Yeti monster.Does huge damage but takes too long to hit.

I beat Yeti 30/30 without any scrolls or revives as well.So I guess in simple word, strong but not effective ?

On point. I also think that the Yeti is strong but truly, the effectiveness is debateable.