Yggdrasil ?

I can not find any information regarding this new Yggdrasil tile.
What collectible resource will we get from claiming that special tile? None, only add +score?
Should we build a watch tower on top of that tile, or next to that tile (<-common method)?

Do we all have the same map??? And ours is the same in all 4 directions … boring!

Only 20 conquest score is a bit weak for holding center of the map.

same kind of tile with the windmill…no ressources but only 5 points to own it…


Hi Madlen.

I think this tile extra points should be scalable, according to the tier.

For my tier which is 125, this is a good value, but for others it’s a bit unrewarding.

So my suggestion is to make it give 20% (more or less) of the total score.

For example: tier125=20 points, tier175=35 points, tier225=50 points, etc…


At least this sounds rewarding, while not being exaggerated at all :slight_smile: . What do you think?


Oh okay, thanks for the tip. I’ll do it then

I just thought there was no need for an extra topic ahaha